How strong is the 00 raiser?

During the trial of the 00 Raiser, it achieved an unbelievable feat – unleashing more than 290% particle output compared to the development team’s theoretical expectations. Setsuna F. Seiei was awed by this performance, and it solidified his view that 00 can change the world.

Does PG 00 Raiser come with stand?

Anyway, the first edition of the 00 Raiser comes with a 2 way stand which you can display either just the 00 Raiser, or the 00 Gundam and 0 Raiser seperately.

What is the action base for PG?

Action Base 1

Kit Action Base 1 included
PG RX-0 Unicorn Gundam (Final Battle Ver.) (Premium Bandai) Action Base 1 Clear (for use with the Shield Funnels)
PG MBF-P02Kai Gundam Astray Red Frame Kai (Premium Bandai in Japan; Limited Edition Retail otherwise) Action Base 1 Gray (for use with Tactical Arms IIL)

How fast do Gundams fly?

During its debut when it was approaching Ptolemaios 2 with the GN Booster, it is mentioned to be approaching at a rate of 78 km/s (280,800 km/hr). This is around 229 times the speed of sound.

Is there a 00 Raiser in Gundam 00?

The wait is finally over with this exciting new entry featuring protagonist Setsuna’s 00 Raiser from the second season of “Mobile Suit Gundam 00”! The set includes plastic parts to build 00 Gundam and 0 Raiser, which can be docked to the back of the close-combat Mobile Suit to form 00 Raiser.

What color is 00 Raiser in Gundam Breaker?

A custom version of 00 Raiser painted in the ELS color scheme appears in Gundam Breaker as one of the bosses in the MG half of the game. Though it emits the same green GN particles as the original, its Trans-Am causes it to uniquely glow purple.

Is the 00 Gundam any good?

The 00 Gundam by itself has decent balance but things start to get VERY top-heavy when adding the 0 Raiser. Holding weapons in the hands helps remedy this somewhat but it can still be precarious at times.

What happened to the 00 Raiser?

In the final battle against the Innovators, its Trans-Am Burst helped to make way for the events that lead to Celestial Being’s victory and the capture of Veda . At the end of the campaign, the damaaged 00 Raiser was recovered, but both of its GN Drives were lost during the battle.