How tall does hebe Rakaiensis grow?

3 ft. tall
Tough, hardy and easy to grow, Hebe rakaiensis provides color all year round, as well as form, texture and contrast to its companion plants. Additionally, it requires no pruning, so it is of great architectural value in the garden! Typically grows up to 3 ft. tall (90 cm) and 4 ft.

Where do hebes grow best UK?

Growing position – hebes need full sun, in free-draining soil. As well as growing in borders and containers, they can also make informal low hedges. They cope well in coastal locations too. Most are hardy, but prefer a warm, sunny spot.

Can you clip hebe Rakaiensis?

How do I prune hebes? Frost damaged shoots should be removed in the spring, when the buds have started to grow. Cut to a bud that is growing further down the stem. If a bush becomes overgrown, it is preferable to spread the cutting back over several months than to cut back all growths at one time.

Are hebes frost hardy UK?

These hebes are suitable for all gardens, including small ones, as well as containers….Hebe albicans.

Height and spread 1.2m / 4ft
Leaf colour Blue grey, evergreen
Flowers? White flowers in June and July
Growth Habit Forms a dense rounded shape
Frost Hardy? Hardy in most of the UK

Does Hebe make a good hedge?

Hebes are excellent in shrub borders, and used as ground cover or low-growing hedging, and are relatively low-maintenance.

Can you topiary Hebe?

However, one of the points about topiary is you clip the plants regularly to keep them the same size….Discover more.

Soil Type Clay, Dry / Well Drained, Sandy
Situation Coastal, Exposed (To wind and sun), Mild City Gardens, Plants for Pots, Sheltered Garden
Flower Colour White
Hardiness Green

How long do hebes last?

Hebes are named after the Greek goddess of youth, but sadly they do have a short-lived tendency. Expect five good years, ten at most. For this reason, and due to their less than hardy constitution, it’s worth taking cuttings in midsummer.

Can hebes survive winter?

Hebe shrubs are most suited for areas with cool summers and mild winters. They adapt to a variety of soil types but will perform best in loose, well-draining soil.

Which hebe is the hardiest?

‘Emerald Gem’ Forms a compact dome of very small, dense, green foliage. As with all the very small-leaved hebes, its flowers, if they appear at all, are relatively insignificant. Considered hardier than average.