How to create data area in as400?

The Create Data Area (CRTDTAARA) command creates a data area and stores it in a specified library. It also specifies the attributes of the data. The data area can also be initialized to a specific value. Data areas are used to communicate and store data used by several programs either within a job or between jobs.

What is local data area in as400?

¤ Local data area (LDA) ü A local data area is created for each job in the system automatically. ü When you submit a job using SBMJOB command, the value of the submitting job’s local data area is copied into the submitted job’s local data area.

What is a data area?

Use of Data Areas A separate data area is a Natural object that can be used by multiple Natural programs, subprograms, subroutines, helproutines, dialogs or classes. A data area contains data element definitions, such as user-defined variables, constants and database fields from a data definition module (DDM).

How do I create a subfile?

Creating a Subfile

  1. Create the grid. Drag a new subfile grid widget on the canvas.
  2. Create columns. You can add or remove columns by using the plus and minus icons on the right side of the grid.
  3. Size Columns.
  4. Set headings.
  5. Add subfile fields.
  6. Set up number of visible rows.
  7. Control alignment.
  8. Setting the clear subfile indicator.

What is data queue in as400?

Data queues are a type of server object that you can create, to which one procedure or program can send data, and from which another procedure or program can receive data. The receiving program can be already waiting for the data, or can receive the data later.

What is Infsr?

A file exception/error subroutine (INFSR) receives control when an exception/error occurs on an implicit (primary or secondary) file operation or on an explicit file operation that does not have an indicator specified in positions 73 and 74,does not have an (E) extender, and is not in the monitor block of a MONITOR …