Is CryptoLocker a computer virus?

CryptoLocker ransomware is a type of malware that encrypts files on Windows computers, then demands a ransom payment in exchange for the decryption key. It first emerged in September 2013 in a sustained attack that lasted until May of the following year.

What are the symptoms that a PC has been infected by the CryptoLocker virus?

The Cryptolocker virus will display warning screens indicating that your data will be destroyed if you do not pay a ransom to obtain the private key.

How was CryptoLocker removed?

Removing CryptoLocker You can often remove CryptoLocker itself just by installing a reputable anti-malware program and having it scan your computer. Sometimes, however, CryptoLocker is installed with other malware to try to make this more difficult.

Is CryptoLocker a virus or worm?

and can use a number of different encryption protocols. CryptoLocker is a specific type or family of ransomware programs – typically using a Trojan and utilizing RSA (or AES with RSA) for encryption (public-key cryptography) – and has been historically one of the most successful ransomware attack vehicles.

What damage did CryptoLocker cause?

Discovered early in September 2013, CryptoLocker would cripple more than 250,000 computer systems during the following four months. Victims were instructed to send payments in cryptocurrency or money cards to regain access. The ransomware delivered at least $3 million to its perpetrators.

Can formatting remove ransomware?

Yes, a sure shot way to remove ransomware is to do a clean install by formatting the drive. If you have some important files, you can upload them to cloud or use a blank USB drive so that you can try decrypting those files when you finish reinstalling Windows.

How many computers did CryptoLocker infect?

A virulent form of ransomware has now infected about quarter of a million Windows computers, according to a report by security researchers. Cryptolocker scrambles users’ data and then demands a fee to unencrypt it alongside a countdown clock.