Is East of England Co-Op different to co op?

History. The East of England Co-operative Society is an amalgamation of smaller societies from across East Anglia which have joined together over the years. Most recently, the Colchester and East Essex Co-operative Society merged with the Ipswich and Norwich Co-operative Society in 2005.

What services does Coop offer?


  • Grocery retail.
  • Grocery wholesale & franchising.
  • Funerals and pre-paid funeral plans.
  • Insurance services.
  • Legal services.
  • Land and property investment.
  • Energy services & consultancy.
  • Marketing and customer data insight.

Why is the co-op different?

The guiding principle behind co-ops, that they are member-controlled businesses driven by values and not just profit, makes them different from investor- or shareholder-owned corporations. Similarly, leading co-ops is a world apart from leading traditional companies.

How many co-op branches are there in the UK?

In total there are over 4,000 co-operative food shops in the UK.

Who owns east of England coop?

We’re owned by over 260,000 members who each have an equal say in how our business is run.

What is the difference between Coop and central England coop?

Is Central England Co-operative Society the same as The Co-operative which advertises on TV? A1. Yes and no. Central England Co-operative is one of a number of retail co-operative societies trading under the “Co-operative” banner, but we are entirely independent from them.

Who is coop owned by?

A co-operative (co-op) is a different kind of business. Our Co-op is owned by individual members and other co-ops, not big investors, and our members get a chance to have a say in how we’re run. Profits mean members receive money, rewards and offers and a co-op can support its local community.

Is it worth getting a coop card?

So, is Co-op membership worth it? Most definitely. Even if you’re just an occasional Co-op shopper, 2 pence back for every £1 is still pretty generous. You don’t even need to make use of the personalised offers to make this scheme worthwhile.

Who owns Nisa Local?

The Co-operative GroupNisa / Parent organization

When was East of England Coop founded?

Founded in 1868, the East of England Co-op is celebrating its 150th birthday today, 3 March. The retailer can trace its roots to local people in the region coming together to set up a shop selling quality food at affordable prices.

Is co-op electrical still in business?

Co-op Electrical. On 23 March 2019, Co-op Electrical closed permanently. The closure does not affect your statutory rights as a consumer. If you need to contact us about anything else then a small dedicated team is still available.

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Is it looking like Christmas at the east of England Co-op?

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas here at the East of England Co-op… At the heart of our local communities for over 150 years, we love nothing more than helping families, friends and neighbours come together to eat, drink and be merry.

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