Is EndNote online free?

EndNote Online is offered for FREE by Penn State and is an online service that allows you to store, share and organize your citations so that you can access them from any computer. By installing the Microsoft Word plugin, you can cite references from your library and automatically create your bibliography as you write.

How do I use EndNote basic in Word?

EndNote Online with MS Word

  1. In Microsoft Word, go to the EndNote tab.
  2. Click the Insert Citations button.
  3. Enter some search terms and click the Find button.
  4. Select the reference(s) you wish to use.
  5. Click the Insert button.

How do you use EndNote step by step?

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Step 1: Getting Access. EndNote isn’t free, although there is a 30-day free trial.
  2. Step 2: Open the App.
  3. Step 3: Set up Full-Text PDF Access.
  4. Step 4: Set up Your Library Catalog.
  5. Step 5: Search and Add Your First Citation.
  6. Step 6: In-Text Citations.
  7. Step 7: Create a Bibliography.

How do I convert EndNote font to Word?

You can change the font and spacing for EndNote Citations in the EndNote ribbon in Word. On a Windows PC, drop down the Bibliography controls using the small arrow in the bottom corner of the box. Click on Layout, and adjust the font and line spacing to match what is required of your document.

What format does EndNote use?

File extensions

File name Extention
Compressed EndNote library file *.enlx
EndNote connect file (online search) *.enz
EndNote filter *.enf
EndNote style *.ens

How do I import a PDF into EndNote?

To import PDFs

  1. Open your EndNote Library.
  2. Click on File and choose Import. Click on File.
  3. Click on the Choose button and locate the PDF you wish to convert into a reference.
  4. Click Open.
  5. In Import Option, select the PDF option.
  6. In Duplicates, choose one the following options:
  7. In Text Translation, choose No Translation.

How do you number references in endnote?


  1. Open EndNote, Edit> Output Styles> Open Style manager.
  2. Select the Output Style ‘Numbered. Click on Edit.
  3. On the Left, select Layout, under Bibliography.
  4. On the right, you will have “Bibliography Number.”.
  5. Click on File> Save As and save the file with the new name.
  6. Open Word, select the edited style.

How do I insert an EndNote citation in Word Online?

Using Cite While You Write in Endnote Web

  1. Log on to EndNote Web.
  2. In your Word document, put your cursor where you want the the citation to be.
  3. Click the Endnote Web tab on the toolbar.
  4. Type a word to search your EndNote Web references.
  5. Choose the desired citation(s) and click on the Insert button.

What is an EndNote in a paper?

An endnote is source citation that refers the readers to a specific place at the end of the paper where they can find out the source of the information or words quoted or mentioned in the paper. When using endnotes, your quoted or paraphrased sentence or summarized material is followed by a superscript number.

What is endnote used for?

EndNote Desktop is software used to manage your references and format your bibliography. It is produced by Clarivate Analytics and University of Tasmania has a site-wide licence. EndNote enables you to: transfer and store references from electronic databases and library catalogues.

How do I convert unknown to PDF?

How to convert to PDF?

  1. Upload the document or image you want to convert.
  2. Choose “Use OCR” if you want to extract text from a scanned page or an image (optional).
  3. Choose “Deskew” if you want to correct a tilted scan (optional).
  4. Click on “Start conversion” to create your PDF.

How do I import a folder into EndNote?

Importing PDFs into EndNote

  1. Select a library.
  2. Select Import under the file menu.
  3. Set import option to PDF, or.
  4. Select folder option to import entire folder (If the selected folder lists sub-folders, click the Include files in all sub-folders radio button to include)
  5. Click the Import button to add to the library.

Which EndNote is superscript number?

Edit > Output Styles > select “Numbered Superscript”. Go back to Word, from the main toolbar, select “Endnote X7” > click on “Style” to select “Numbered Superscript”, the citations will be updated automatically.

Is an endnote the same as a bibliography?

A bibliography is an alphabetical list of the sources found after the endnotes. To put it simply, endnotes give you more information on where your argument or statistic came from, while the bibliography tells you more about the source and where to find it.

How do I automatically add references to EndNote?

Double-click on the Reference file to open it in EndNote. If asked to select a program to open the file, select EndNote and make it the default program for the file type. In EndNote, go to File Import, select the Reference file from Downloads, and click Import.

How do I add page numbers to an EndNote citation?


  1. Open your manuscript in Word.
  2. Click within the citation you would like to modify.
  3. Go to the EndNote tab and choose Edit and Manage Citation(s).
  4. Under Formatted Citation, type the page numbers in the Pages field.
  5. Click the OK button, and your pages should now appear in the citation.

How do I import a text file into EndNote?

Importing References Saved in a Text File Open EndNote. Go to File–>Import. Select file, set Import Option Box at appropriate import filter, and click Import. Filter selected usually provides information on importing at the bottom of the Choose an Import Filter pop-up box.

How do I search for references in EndNote?

Search for Citations within Endnote

  1. Click the Collect tab.
  2. “Online Search” is the default. Click the “Customize this list” link.
  3. Add any of the following to your favorites.
  4. For future searches, just click the “Select” drop down list to go directly to our library catalog, PubMed, or other source.

How do I import files into EndNote?

Part 2: Importing into EndNote Go to EndNote and open the library where you want to store your references. Click on the File menu and select Import > File. The Import File dialog box will appear. Click on Choose and select the file you just saved from PubMed.

What is EndNote x9 used for?

EndNote helps you collect and store all the references you have found from different sources. You can use your EndNote library to insert in-text citations and create bibliographies within Microsoft Word documents, reformatting them into your chosen referencing style.

How do I use EndNote in Word 365?

Run the ‘Configure EndNote.exe’ utility. Make sure ‘Configure EndNote components’ is selected and click Next. Select Cite While You Write add-in for Microsoft Office and click Next. Click Finish.

Why is endnote citation greyed out?

If the ‘insert citation’ icon in Endnote is greyed out and no longer clickable, this usually means the Cite While You Write tool in Word has been disabled or that Word is linked to Endnote Online rather than Endnote Desktop.

How do I connect EndNote to Word?


  1. Word 2007: Click on the Office icon and select “Word Options.”
  2. Word Click on the File ribbon and select “Options.”
  3. Click on “Add-ins.”
  4. Change the “Manage” options to “Disabled Items.”
  5. Click Go.
  6. Highlight any EndNote item(s) and click “Enable.”
  7. Click OK/Enable.
  8. Restart Word.