Is HP Elitebook 8540w good for gaming?

Gaming Performance There’s no question about it, the HP 8540w wasn’t designed for gaming. Nevertheless, its powerful GPU may come in handy after a hard day of work for a bit of me-time.

Is HP Elitebook 8540p good for gaming?

Games can be run fluidly on the 8540p if the detail level is reduced. For example, the Sims 3 (21fps), and Grid (29 fps) can run surprisingly fluidly with high settings despite the nominally low frames per second. On the other hand, games such as Anno 1404 can be rather slow at a similar frame rate (19 fps).

Is the HP EliteBook a Chromebook?

The flagship Chromebook is essentially a retrofitted HP EliteBook convertible running on Google Chrome OS. It’ll launch this August for a yet-to-be-announced price point, but it’ll definitely cost more than your average Chromebook based on specifications alone.

What is the difference between a Chromebook and an elitebook?

Comparison summary The laptops have different operating systems, Elitebook 8470P 14″ has Windows 10 Pro and HP Chromebook 14″ has Chrome OS. Chromebook 14″ is cheaper. For portability Chromebook 14″ is lighter. It’s also thinner and smaller in size.

How good is the HP 8540w?

The benchmark, PCMark Vantage, covers a variety of office and multimedia programs and reveals details about performance in applications. The HP 8540w supplies very good rates with over 7500 points.

Can the EliteBook 8540w be opened single handed?

The display hinges are very handy and even allow a 180° opening angle, but also always keep the display in position. It can also be opened single-handedly, as the base unit has enough counterweight. The EliteBook 8540w weighs almost 3 kg and thus belongs to the heavy-weights in the 15.6″ category.

Are You sold on the 8540w hybrid keyboard?

We aren’t sold on the hybrid style keyboard, but overall the EliteBook 8540w offers a very capable and durable mobile workstation that delivers a good deal of power in a package that is still portable enough to take on the road without a roller case.