Is Hwy 12 open in Washington?

US Hwy 12 / U.S. Route 12 (US 12) is an east–west United States highway, running from Aberdeen, Washington to Detroit, Michigan, for almost 2,500 miles. The White Pass Scenic Byway is 124 miles from I-5 on the west to Naches on the east side. White Pass is open year round.

How do I cancel Wsdot text alerts?

Send a text message to the number 468311 with the words “wsdot snoqualmie” To unsubscribe, send a text message to the same number with the words “wsdot stop”

How do I contact Washington State Department of Transportation?

Region contacts

  1. WSDOT Eastern Region. 2714 N. Mayfair Street.
  2. WSDOT North Central Region. 2830 Euclid Avenue.
  3. (206) 440-4000. [email protected]
  4. (360) 357-2600. [email protected]
  5. WSDOT South Central Region. 2809 Rudkin Road.
  6. (360) 905-2000. [email protected]
  7. WSDOT Southwest Region. 11018 NE 51st Circle.

Is White Pass Washington closed?

White Pass is open daily (snow conditions permitting including all holidays) from 8:00 am until 4 pm.

Is there an app for Washington State Ferries?

WSDOT App now available!

Is i5 closed Seattle?

All lanes open! Cleared 9:20 AM : On I-5 northbound just south of SR 522 there is a disabled vehicle blocking the right lane.

How do I get ahold of the State Department?

Agency Details

  1. Acronym: DOS.
  2. Website: Department of State (DOS)
  3. Contact: Contact the Department of State.
  4. Local Offices: Foreign Embassies in the United States.
  5. Main Address: 2201 C St., NW.
  6. Phone Number: 1-202-647-4000.
  7. TTY: 1-800-877-8339 (Federal Relay Service)
  8. Forms: U.S. Department of State Form Finder.

How long does it take to drive the North Cascades Highway?

2-3 hours
North Cascades National Park has no entrance fee. How Long: At least 2-3 hours, just to drive through with no stops. Do plan time for a few stops! Amenities: Visitor centers with restrooms, picnic areas, camping, limited dining and lodging options.

Is Diablo Lake Open 2021?

The Diablo Lake Trail suspension bridge is open for visitor use. The bridge was closed in mid-April to accommodate the replacement of structural elements and decking. Work on handrails will continue, but will not impede use.