Is it safe to drive in Minnesota today?

Conditions for driving are good. Stay alert of any changes to the weather forecast. Conditions for driving are great.

What does NO travel ADVISED mean?

Its travel advisories can be affected by terrorism, civil unrest or even natural disasters. Unlike the State Department, CDC’s recommendations don’t include “do not travel.” Its highest-level warning means avoid nonessential travel. If you’re planning international travel, it’s recommended to consult both.

Is I-29 closed in Fargo?

I-29 now OPEN from Fargo to Canadian Border.

Is travel advised in Fargo ND?


What does a State Department do not travel advisory mean?

These can be due to things like covid-19 outbreaks, security concerns or other unappealing woes. And furthermore, they also mean that there are areas within the country which should entirely be avoided. For example, the warning may be specific to a certain region and not the entire country.

Where can I find MnDOT traffic data?

Traffic data products are used in safety evaluation, pavement design, funding decisions, forecasting, modeling, and much more. The most comprehensive way to view our traffic data (including AADT/HCAADT) is by using the Traffic Mapping Application. For additional information about MnDOT traffic data, visit

What does MnDOT do for greater Minnesota?

Greater Minnesota transit programs and resources for transit providers, including transit grants, Rural Transit Assistance Program training, drug and alcohol oversight program, and more. MnDOT transit plans, reports and studies that set priorities for transit investments and strategic direction in Greater Minnesota.

What is the difference between the Enterprise MnDOT GIS and EMA?

GIS is a computer-based tool for mapping, storing, analyzing, and sharing geographically-referenced spatial data. Enterprise MnDOT Mapping Application (EMMA) – Online application that provides statewide coverage of MnDOT’s GIS Basemap data.

Where can I find real-time traffic information in Minnesota?

Get real-time road and traffic information on all Minnesota interstates and highways. View live traffic cameras, check on road construction, and plan ahead to avoid disruptions. Simply visit and bookmark online, or download the 511 app on your Apple or Android device.