Is Johnny Weissmuller dead?

January 20, 1984Johnny Weissmuller / Date of death

Did Johnny Weissmuller have a son?

Johnny Weissmuller Jr.Johnny Weissmuller / SonJános “Johnny” Weissmüller Jr. was an American actor and longshoreman. He also authored a book about his father, the five-time Olympic Games gold medalist Johnny Weissmuller, who achieved additional fame playing the title role in the Tarzan movies of the 1930s and 1940s. Wikipedia

Did Johnny Weissmuller attend college?

Lane Tech College Prep High SchoolJohnny Weissmuller / EducationLane Tech College Prep High School, is a public 4-year selective enrollment magnet high school located in the Roscoe Village neighborhood on the north side of Chicago, Illinois, United States. It is a part of the Chicago Public Schools district. Wikipedia

How long did Johnny Weissmuller play Tarzan?

Despite his athletic records, Weissmuller is best known for his motion-picture role as Tarzan of the Apes, a character created by Edgar Rice Burroughs. Weissmuller starred in 12 Tarzan films between 1932 and 1948, beginning with Tarzan the Ape Man (1932).

Was Johnny Weissmuller married?

Maria Brock Mandell Baumanm. 1963–1984
Allene Gatesm. 1948–1962Beryl Scottm. 1939–1948Lupe Vélezm. 1933–1939Bobbe Arnstm. 1931–1933
Johnny Weissmuller/Spouse

How old is Johnny Weissmuller Jr?

65 years (1940–2006)Johnny Weissmuller Jr. / Age at death

How did Tarzan get his name?

Tarzan is derived from the two ape words TAR and ZAN, meaning white skin. It was given him by his foster mother, Kala, the great she-ape.

Who was the first man to swim 100 meters under 1 minute?

Johnny Weissmuller
1922: Johnny Weissmuller first to swim 100-meter freestyle under 1 minute. 1922 — Johnny Weissmuller is the first to swim the 100-meter freestyle under 1 minute as he breaks Duke Kahanamoku’s world record with a time of 58.6 seconds.

What is the shortest length a swimmer can swim in an Olympic race?

After swimming the 50-meter freestyle in under 22 seconds at the United States Olympic trials in July, Jones spent several minutes huddled over a piece of paper with his coach, trying to identify why his Olympic dream had coughed and sputtered.

Did Johnny Weissmuller have polio?

Johnny Weissmuller took up swimming in an attempt to build stamina after contracting polio as a youngster. He won five Olympic gold medals before finding Hollywood stardom. Johnny Weissmuller was one of the world’s first star athletes.

Did Johnny Weissmuller have grandchildren?

He is survived by his wife Diane of San Francisco; his daughter Heidi Medsker of Denver and four grandchildren; his sister Wendy Weissmuller of Scotts Valley; his nephews Adam and Nathan Penniman of Santa Cruz, and Allene Weissmuller McClelland of Lake Arrowhead.