Is Lexi from TVD in Gilmore Girls?

She has appeared in various television series, including Gilmore Girls (2003–2004), The Vampire Diaries (2009–2017), Life Unexpected (2010), 90210 (2011–2013), Ballers (2015–2016, 2019), Midnight Texas (2017–2018), and Lincoln Rhyme: Hunt for the Bone Collector (2019–2020).

Who plays Britney on UnREAL?

Arielle Kebbel
Chances are you recognize Arielle Kebbel from one of her supporting roles on huge shows like The Vampire Diaries, Gilmore Girls, 90210, or Ballers, but it’s her no-holds-barred performance as the reality show villain Britney on UnREAL that’s really caught our eye this year.

Who plays Stefan’s best friend?

Arielle Kebbel is an American actress and model who portrayed Lexi Branson, Stefan’s “oldest and best vampire friend”, on The Vampire Diaries. She is perhaps best known for her role as Vanessa, Liam Court’s ex-girlfriend, on 90210.

Was Arielle Kebbel in Twilight?

In 2006 she played a woman named Allison in The Grudge 2. Arielle is also known for playing the vampire-turned-ghost Lexi Branson on episodes of the CW Network television series The Vampire Diaries.In 2010, Arielle played Rachel in the Twilight Saga spoof film Vampires Suck.

Why did Candice King leave after?

In 2020, filming for the final two films of the franchise began, but Candice was not involved due to her late term pregnancy. Filming would require her to fly to Sofia, Bulgaria amongst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Her role was ultimately recast to Arielle Kebbel, her former The Vampire Diaries co-star.

How old is Katherine TVD?

Katherine is seen in the 1800s as she meets Damon and Stefan, and in the 1920s as she watches over Stefan. But by the time of her death in The Vampire Diaries’s season 5, as a delayed side effect of taking the cure for vampirism, Katherine is over 500 years old.

Who was Katherine sired to?

Before Tyler was resurrected as a werewolf, Klaus remained the only hybrid of his bloodline until Adyelya, who is of Klaus’ blood, sired Katherine.

What bloodline is Katherine from?

The original doppelganger of the Petrova bloodline, Katherine turned herself into a vampire when she was being hunted by Klaus for her blood. In 1864, she moves to Mystic Falls and meets the Salvatore brothers.

Why did Kayla Ewell leave TVD?

Ewell was killed off the show when her character was staked in the heart by Stefan (Paul Wesley) in order to save Elena (Nina Dobrev) in the Halloween-themed episode “Haunted”. Ewell hinted in November 2009 that she was still under contract for the role and might return to the show.