Is Neutrogena T Gel discontinued?

The product is not discontinued, but the supply chain is messed up …

Is there a shortage on t/gel shampoo?

The US supply of Neutrogena T/Gel and T/Sal Shampoos is extremely low and will likely be out of stock or very difficult to find in stores through Q4 of 2021 and into 2022​.

How long can I use T gel shampoo?

Neutrogena T/Gel Therapeutic Shampoo should be used two to three times weekly for the treatment of scalp disorders. Treatment usually lasts for 6 weeks, after which time improvement should be seen. Longer periods of treatment should only take place under the supervision of a doctor.

What happened to T Gel?

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Does T Gel help hair loss?

Some people even find that hair picking sometimes can bring them relief. Although T/Gel Shampoo is not formulated to treat hair loss, it can indirectly help hair loss as it removes the itching and inflammation. But if the cause of your hair loss is not these diseases, this product may not be able to help you.

What is the active ingredient in T Gel?

Quickly absorbs into the skin without being greasy on the skin

  • It may provide a reduction in pain and swelling
  • It may reduce the discoloration on the skin caused by bruising
  • Provides relief for muscle stiffness and pain
  • The product can be bought over-the-counter without a prescription
  • What are the ingredients in T – Gel Shampoo?

    – Wet hair thoroughly. – Massage shampoo into your scalp. – Lather, leaving on your hair and scalp for a few minutes. – Rinse and repeat.