Is Owl Pharaoh on iTunes?

Owl Pharaoh is the debut solo mixtape by American rapper Travis Scott. It was released on May 21, 2013, on the iTunes Store and available for free download by Grand Hustle Records and Epic Records.

Where can you listen to Owl Pharaoh?

Stream Travis Scott | Listen to Owl Pharaoh playlist online for free on SoundCloud.

Why is Owl Pharaoh not on Spotify?

The availability of music on Spotify is up to the artists and their music label. If the music is unavailable, the artist or their music label has likely decided to not make it available in Spotify. Contacting the artist is a good way to let them know you miss their music in Spotify.

When did Owl Pharaoh come out?

May 21, 2013Owl Pharaoh / Release date

How old was Travis when he dropped Owl Pharaoh?

Travis Scott dropped his Owl Pharaoh mixtape in late May, with features from artists like Bon Iver and Toro Y Moi. If the musical diversity on the project isn’t a clear hint that he doesn’t want to be boxed into any one genre, then the 21-year-old makes it imminently clear, telling MTV News bluntly, “I’m not hip-hop.”

How old was Travis when he released Owl Pharaoh?

In person, the 21-year-old was erratic, his speech jittery and delivered as if he was talking to his own lap; his hands spent most of the hour tucked into the waistband of his gym shorts. But most importantly, the music banged.

Is Travis Scott a trap rapper?

Since crossing over into the mainstream in the 2010s, trap has become one of the most popular forms of American music, consistently dominating the Billboard Hot 100 throughout the decade, with artists such as Drake, Future, Cardi B, Migos, Lil Uzi Vert, Post Malone, XXXTentacion, Young Thug, and Travis Scott (among …

Is Travis Scott trap or hip hop?

His debut studio album, Rodeo (2015), was led by the hit single “Antidote”. His second album, Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight (2016), became his first number one album on the Billboard 200….

Travis Scott
Genres Hip hop trap alternative hip hop
Labels Grand Hustle Epic Very Good Beats Cactus Jack

Is Travis Scott trap or hip-hop?

Is Kid Cudi on AstroWorld?

The album features guest vocals from The Weeknd, Kid Cudi, Frank Ocean, Drake, James Blake, Philip Bailey, 21 Savage, Swae Lee, Gunna, Nav, Quavo, Takeoff, Juice Wrld, Sheck Wes, and Don Toliver, among others.

What are the critics saying about the new Owl Pharaoh album?

Owl Pharaoh was met with critical acclaim from music critics. Ralph Bristout of XXL gave the album an XL, saying “While he’s still finding himself lyrically, his work behind the boards and eagerness to try new things keep this from becoming problematic.

When did Travis Scott’s Owl Pharaoh come out?

About “Owl Pharaoh”. Owl Pharaoh is the debut mixtape of Travis Scott. The mixtape was released on May 21, 2013 for free by Grand Hustle Records and Epic Records.

How many tracks are on Owl Pharaoh?

In 2011, Scott announced Owl Pharaoh as an 11-track extended play, with 2 bonus tracks. This version was to include songs such as “Lights (Love Sick)”, “Analogue” and “That B!tch Crazy”.