Is Peter Beale returning to EastEnders?

Peter Beale’s return to EastEnders in 2020, during the show’s 35th anniversary week, should have signalled an exciting new era for the character.

What happened to Pete Beale EastEnders?

In May 1993, Pete and Rose fled Walford, on the run from the Chapman’s. Alfie died from cancer later that year so his family later arranged a car crash and Pete and Rose were killed in December 1993. In December 1993, Pete was buried in Walford Cemetery.

Who plays Peter EastEnders 2021?

FORMER EastEnders star Thomas Law looks completely different 11 years after leaving the soap. Thomas, 29, joined the BBC1 show as Peter Beale in 2006 and played the character until 2010, before being eventually replaced by Ben Hardy.

Who is the new Peter Beale in EastEnders?

EASTENDERS actor Dayle Hudson has celebrated his first anniversary with his rarely-seen model girlfriend. The star – who plays Peter Beale on the BBC one soap – went to Bocconcino in Mayfair, London, for a fancy dinner with his other half India Hope.

Is Peter Beale Ian’s son?

Peter Beale is the son of Ian and Cindy Beale brother of Lucy, Steven, Cindy and Bobby and the father of Louie.

What is Ben Hardy’s real name?

Ben JonesBen Hardy / Full name

Why was Pete Beale sacked?

The character of Pete lasted in the show for eight years, and was eventually written out in 1993 when the writers felt that the character had come to a natural end.

Has Adam woodyatt left EastEnders good?

Why did Adam Woodyatt leave EastEnders? Adam left the Square in January 2021 to take up a leading role in the play Looking Good Dead, but he was stopped in his tracks when the production was put on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic.

How did Ian Beale lose so much weight?

The actor joined ITV’s Lorraine on Tuesday to discuss his latest career endeavours after leaving the BBC One soap and conversation turned to his weight loss. Ian recently changed his life and appearance by undertaking a healthy diet and fitness regime. All our best-selling anti-aging products, in one luxurious bundle.

How is Pat Butcher related to Ian Beale?

As such, Pat gradually elevates herself as a surrogate mother and close relative of Pete and Kathy’s son Ian (Adam Woodyatt).

Is Tom Hardy related to Ben Hardy?

No, he is not. Any Ben Hardy related to Tom Hardy rumours are unfounded. While the two are both British citizens, they are not related in any way. TheVenom actor, Tom, was born in Hammersmith, London, and is an only child.

How much has Peter Beale grown in EastEnders?

But EastEnders fans were noticeably distracted during Peter Beale’s return, as they noted he seemed to have grown seven whole inches during his time away from Walford. Many viewers took to Twitter to poke fun at the hilarious transformation, after the character was recast for the seventh time with newcomer Dayle Hudson.

Why did Ben Hardy leave EastEnders as Peter Beale?

Dayle is the seventh actor to take over the role of Peter Beale after actor Ben Hardy decided to quit the soap in 2015 to pursue a career in Hollywood. Bizarre: As they soaked up Peter’s surprise transformation, many soap fans took to Twitter to poke fun at his drastic change in height EastEnders: Who’s played Peter Beale?

What happened to Ian and Peter Mitchell in EastEnders?

In May 2007, Ian and Peter go camping with Phil Mitchell and his son Ben. On the drive home, Phil swerves the car to avoid a fallen tree; the car flips, crashes and rolls into a lake with Ben and Peter still inside. Ben is conscious however Peter is knocked out in the crash.

How old is Peter Beale from Coronation Street?

Peter and his twin sister Lucy were born to Ian and Cindy Beale on 9 December 1993. He is named after his paternal grandfather, Pete Beale, who died on the day of his birth.