Is Powermate still in business?

Powermate filed for bankruptcy in March and announced plans to close its Kearney plant, eliminating about 200 jobs. The Aurora, Ill. -based company said in its bankruptcy filing that it owes between $50 million and $100 million to creditors, most of which are suppliers.

Who is Powermate made by?

This unit also features a two-year limited warranty. Founded in 1959, Generac is a leading designer and manufacturer of energy technology solutions and other power products.

How much does a Powermate generator Cost?

Price:$629.00 Ideal for use around the home or the next DIY project, the PM4500DF is durable and compact for easy transport.

Who makes Coleman Powermate engines?

According to Powermate, a company that licenses domestic power products from the Pramac copyright holder based in Long Grove, Illinois, this is a vast line of products.In fact, Pramac is one of the world’s leading generators providers, having its headquarters in Italy.

What happened Coleman Powermate?

Powermate went on its own about 10 years ago and in 2008 it declared bankruptcy. Shortly thereafter, an international industrial conglomerate named PRAMAC (headquartered in Italy) bought Powermate and its influx of cash and dedicated management has revived the Powermate line of generators significantly.

How much does a Coleman Powermate 3750 cost?


Part # Description Price
GE-PM0523202.17 Coleman Powermate® Premium Plus 3750 Generator – Tecumseh® engine sorry, out of stock $435.00 PLUS $110.00 FIXED-FEE FREIGHT SHIPPING CHARGE*

Where are Powermate portable generators made?

Powermate generators are made in Italy by the Paramac because Paramac is a European brand that makes many products including Powermate generators.

Does Coleman still make generators?

Well, it can also be quite confusing because Coleman doesn’t make generators anymore. Several years ago, Coleman sold its generator division, which was called Coleman Powermate. The Coleman Powermate logo is still seen on a variety of accessory items related to generators, such as covers and power cords.

How many watts is a Coleman 5000 generator?

Coleman Powermate PM0525303 5000 Watt Portable Generator.