Is Sellita a good watch movement?

How good are Sellita movements? There’s an old saying that goes, “You are known by the company you keep.” Well, for Sellita, they keep very fine company indeed. The quality of a Sellita movement is so high, luxury watch brands including Hublot, IWC, Oris, Raymond Weil, Sinn, and Tag Heuer use them in their watches.

What watch brands use Sellita?

Movements. Hublot, IWC, Lilienthal Berlin, Oris, Raymond Weil, Sinn, and TAG Heuer are among the brands that utilize Sellita’s movements or slightly modified versions to power their watches.

How good is Sellita SW200?

The Standard Sellita SW200 generates an accuracy of +/- 12 seconds per day, while the Special grade variant produces an accuracy of +/- 7 seconds per day. The Premium Sellita SW200 is an even more precise machine, with an accuracy rate of +/- 4 seconds per day.

Is the Sellita SW200?

The Sellita caliber SW200 is the main competitor to ETA’s 2824 workhorse movement….Sellita Caliber SW200.

Manufacturer Sellita
Height 4.60mm thick
Vibrations Per Hour 28,800 bph, 4Hz
Jewels 26
Power Reserve 38 hours

Who owns Sellita movements?

Mr. Miguel Garcia
The current owner, Mr. Miguel Garcia, bought the company from the founder Mr. Pierre Grandjean in 2003. This was a strategic move to protect Sellita.

Who makes Sellita movement?

Miguel Garcia) owns 100% of the company. Contrary to some gossip, there’s nobody behind them, no investors or any other watch groups from the Far-East or from anywhere else. Sellita came to existence in 1950, founded by Mr. Pierre Grandjean.

Does IWC use Sellita movements?

IWC Mark XVIII Current Production Uses Sellita Movement.

Does IWC use ETA?

Well, the ETA caliber 2892-A2, for example, is a movement that is used by several major brands, including Breitling, Omega, and IWC. Over many years, the caliber has proven itself to be a reliable workhorse.