Is SKN-1 a transcription factor?

elegans, the skn-1 gene encodes a transcription factor that resembles mammalian Nrf2 and activates a detoxification response.

What is the function of SKN-1?

During postembryonic stages, SKN-1 regulates a key Phase II detoxification gene through constitutive and stress-inducible mechanisms in the ASI chemosensory neurons and intestine, respectively. SKN-1 is present in ASI nuclei under normal conditions, and accumulates in intestinal nuclei in response to oxidative stress.

What tissue is SKN-1b expressed?

ASI neurons
SKN-1B is expressed in the ASI neurons, and mediates lifespan extension in response to dietary restriction [17].

What does SKN-1 do to C elegans?

elegans SKN-1 provides a powerful model for investigating how Nrf2 and other Nrf/CNC proteins are regulated, and how they influence the development and functions of normal tissues in vivo. Importantly, in C. elegans, SKN-1 plays a central role in many regulatory pathways and interventions that extend lifespan.

Does SKN-1b increase lifespan?

In summary, skn-1b does not contribute to longevity under normal or rIIS conditions, but does contribute to the lifespan incurred by specific DR conditions. Supplementary Figure 1. skn-1b is not required for WT or daf-2 longevity.

What are ASI neurons?

ASI neurons are the sole source of DAF-7/TGF-β in C. elegans. – Function in locomotion: Suppress omega turns and reversals enhancing dispersal (Gray et al., 2005). After animals are removed from bacterial food, they initiate a local search behavior consisting of reversals and deep omega-shaped turns.

Is protandim a gimmick?

Effectiveness. Marketing claims that Protadim can prevent or treat cancer are unproven and have been deemed fraudulent by the FDA.

What does DAF 18 do?

daf-18 Suppresses the Metabolic and Dauer Phenotypes of age-1 and daf-2. age-1 null mutant progeny of heterozygous mothers are maternally rescued for arrest at the dauer diapause stage (Gottlieb and Ruvkun 1994), but not for accumulation of fat (Figure 1D) or increased longevity (Gottlieb and Ruvkun 1994).

Does DAF-16 increase longevity?

DAF-16 is necessary for AMPK function in oxidative stress resistance and longevity, as the increased longevity caused by overexpression constitutively active (CA) AMPK was reverted when DAF-16 was inhibited (Greer et al., 2007a).