Is there a way for everyone to survive in Until Dawn?

In Chapter 6, Chris and Ashley will find themselves tied to chairs across from each other at a table and Chris will be given a gun with one bullet. He can choose to shoot himself and Ashley walks free, or he can choose to shoot her and walk free. He should choose himself. The gun will fire a blank and he’ll survive.

Is it possible to finish Until Dawn with no deaths?

At the end, you can either emerge with all eight characters alive, or you may finish with all of them alive … or all of them dead. You’ll get plenty of trophies if you can survive the night. I highly recommend you try to save people for as long as you can, since that unveils more clues and more of the story.

Can you save Jessica in Until Dawn?

Matt can either abandon Jessica to save himself or hide with her. If he chooses to abandon Jessica, she will have her jaw ripped off. If he chooses to hide together, he and Jessica will run to the edge of a cliff and remain still until the Wendigo leaves. If he moves, they will both die.

Can you save both Josh and Ashley?

To ensure his survival, make sure Sam chooses to option to save Mike. If you choose Sam to run away and put the light switch on, Mike blows himself up. Ashley: When her and Josh are tied up ready to be sliced by the saw blades, sacrifice Josh.

What happens if Matt jumps to safety?

Matt survives if he jumps to safety. If he tries to save Emily twice, she falls anyway, and Matt is tossed to a landing. Emily appears to die, but she doesn’t. At that point, a Wendigo finds Matt.

Who pranked Hannah?

Jessica. Hannah’s relationship with Jessica in the start of the game seems to be a dubious one, as Jess was the one who came up with the idea of playing a prank on her. She states her motivations for the prank as “looking out for her girl Em”. A year later, Mike and Jessica may find police tape.

What happens if Mike doesn’t cut his fingers off?

BUTTERFLY EFFECT UPDATE (Open Bear Trap): If you decide to keep all of Mike’s fingers, Mike will end up destroying the machete, which he won’t be able to use in Chapter 9.

What happens if Ashley follows the voice?

If you choose to investigate the voice, Ashley goes down a separate path. There’s some moaning, and Ashley has to decide whether to open a door that is being banged on from the other side. If she opens it, a Wendigo comes out and beheads her. It’s a fairly random and pernicious death: If she’s kind, she dies.

Can Mike avoid the bear trap until dawn?

When Mike makes his way to the Morgue, he will encounter a trap that involves a severed arm and a bear trap. Approaching the trap is OPTIONAL and does not affect the storyline.