Is there such a word as litter?

Definition of litter b : a device (such as a stretcher) for carrying a sick or injured person The wounded soldier was carried to the rear by litter. 2a(1) : material used as bedding for animals Fibrous peat was used as litter for livestock.

What does the Greek word litter mean?

litterverb. To give birth to, used of animals. Etymology: From litière, from lit, ‘bed’, from lectus; confer Greek λέκτρον. Had the sense ‘bed’ in very early English, but then came to mean ‘portable couch’, ‘bedding’, ‘strewn rushes (for animals)’.

How did litter get its name?

The word litter is ultimately derived from Latin lectus, meaning “bed.” From lectus also comes the French word lit of the same meaning, which provides the base for litiere, an Old French word that was the name for both a bed and the aforementioned vehicle.

What words can be made from the word litter?

Words that can be made with litter

  • liter.
  • litre.
  • relit.
  • tetri.
  • tiler.
  • titer.
  • title.
  • titre.

How do you use the word litter?

give birth to a litter of animals.

  1. The whole park is spoiled by litter.
  2. The streets were full of litter.
  3. Please do not leave litter after your picnic.
  4. Please do not leave litter.
  5. About 2% of fast-food packaging ends up as litter.
  6. It is antisocial to leave one’s litter in public places.
  7. Don’t litter the floor.

Is there a plural for litter?

The park and river are full of litter….litter ​Definitions and Synonyms ​‌

singular litter
plural litters

Who came up with the idea of a litter box?

businessman Edward Lowe
In 1947, Michigan businessman Edward Lowe was trying to market granulated clay as a nesting material for chickens. One cold January day, Lowe’s neighbor Kay Draper stopped by to ask if he had any sand available to use as cat litter—she was tired of her cat tracking ashes all over the house.

What is litter in biology?

Ecologically the term litter has two meanings: the layer of dead plant material present on the soil surface or dead plant material that is detached from a living plant.

What is a litter dog?

What does a “litter of puppies” mean? A litter of puppies refers to a number of puppies born at the same time by the same female dog. The female dog is the mother of these puppies and these puppies are brother and sister to each other.

How many litters are in the alphabet?

L, or l, is the twelfth letter of the modern English alphabet and the ISO basic Latin alphabet….

Other letters commonly used with l(x), lj, ll, ly

What words can be made from hubris?

Words that can be made with hubris

  • brush.
  • buhrs.
  • shrub.

How would you describe litter?

Litter is any trash that has been improperly dumped or thrown away. When people leave their trash unattended and do not take responsibility for it, then it becomes litter.