Is WD purple SMR or CMR?

Western Digital will be delivering variants of the CMR drive across its HDD portfolio – 22TB WD Purple Pro for surveillance NVRs, WD Red Pro for NAS systems, and WD Gold for SMB and enterprise customers in summer.

Is wd80efax SMR or CMR?

But you never know if they may say, yes some wd80efax are CMR and some are SMR, so it is not wrong to say wd80efax is CMR… In this age…


WD Red Plus WD60EFZX 6 TB Hard Drive – 3.5″ Internal – SATA (SATA/600) – Conventional Magnetic Recording (CMR) Method.

Are SMR drives reliable?

SMR hard disks are a good choice if they are primarily used as pure data storage or if a large hard disk is to be used for a PC on which data is stored. They offer more storage capacity and are more energy efficient than CMR, which makes them ideal for archiving tasks.

Is WD Black CMR or SMR?

The company announced that the drives that use SMR technology range from WD Red HDD to WD Black HDDs. The other HDDs use the CMR recording technology that features a wider write head than a magnetic track.

Is WD Red Pro SMR or CMR?

The WD Red Pro remains unchanged, just with the clarification that the line is all CMR. Going forward with this clarification and renaming, customers shouldn’t accidentally buy WD Red SMR drives in the future.

Are Western Digital Purple drives CMR?

Both NAS (Network Attached Storage) drives—Seagate’s Ironwolf Pro and Western Digital’s Red Pro—are CMR drives and not the more performance-problematic SMR technology. Western Digital’s announcement of the 18TB Purple did not mention either SMR or CMR at all, which we must assume means it is an SMR drive.

Is WD gold SMR or CMR?

The WD Gold family are conventional magnetic recording (CMR) drive and previously topped out at 14TB. The range is designed for enterprise-class server and storage systems and so carries a five-year warranty.

Is WD gold CMR or SMR?

Is WD My Passport CMR?

Their 1TB 2.5″ laptop drive comes in cmr and smr versions.

What’s wrong with SMR drives?

It can get bogged down during large writes and become very very slow, like 10MB/s on average slow. Reads are fine it is only writing that is affected. That being said, the SMR technology does make this drive one of the best for $s/TB on the market, just don’t expect amazing performance from it.