What album is Counting Stars on?

NativeCounting Stars / AlbumNative is the third studio album by American rock band OneRepublic. It was released on March 22, 2013 in Germany and Ireland, March 25 worldwide except North America, and March 26 in North America. Wikipedia

When did OneRepublic release Counting Stars?

2020Counting Stars / Released

Why are they called OneRepublic?

The band’s name was changed to OneRepublic after the record company mentioned that the name Republic might result in legal action from other, similarly named bands. The band worked in the studio for two and a half years and recorded its first full-length album.

What album is Counting Stars by OneRepublic on?

Open main menu. “Counting Stars” is a song by American pop rock band OneRepublic from their third studio album, Native (2013). The song was written by lead singer Ryan Tedder, and produced by Tedder and Noel Zancanella. It was released as the album’s third single on June 14, 2013.

What genre is the song Counting Stars?

“Counting Stars” is a folk pop and pop rock song with a disco beat. Ricardo Baca of The Denver Post said that the song is “an extremely effective (and infectious) song — with Tedder’s polished pop hijacking a folk song, and a little R&B attitude in there as well.”

Who wrote Counting Stars by Jennifer Tedder?

Tedder started writing “Counting Stars” while waiting for Beyoncé to turn up to a studio session, about a month after starting to write ” Love Runs Out “. In an interview with the Official Charts Company, Tedder said, “I had the idea for Counting Stars originally in the summer of 1992 when I was in the Hamptons.

What inspired OneRepublic’s Counting Stars?

The first track on OneRepublic’s third studio album Native, “Counting Stars” was inspired by lead singer Ryan Tedder’s writing sessions with Beyonce in the Hamptons. The song has sold over ten million copies in the United States alone.