What are good odds on Zed?

Many people were racing their 20-odds horses thinking they were getting 5% Win Rates… but they’re actually way down at 1.1%. That’s a HUGE jump….What We Know About Zed.Run Odds.

1 73.4%
2 58.9%
3 47.3%
4 38.0%

What is Zed fire?

Flame Symbol – ZED RUN Guide. Flame Symbol. Each time you place your racehorse into a race, the three flame symbols indicating the top three potential racehorses that are likely to place in position 1, 2 or 3 in a race. Use this to gauge the potential performance of your racehorse before the race.

Do Zed run horses get tired?

True to its promise last August 3, #1 horse racing platform Zed Run has officially implemented “fatigue” to its gameplay. With this racing update, each time you place your racehorse into a race, its maximum potential speed will decrease within a 24-hour period.

Does gate matter Zed run?

As of right now, “Gate Preference” is said to be coded into horses; but is NOT a factor in racing performance or odds. This is something that the Zed Team has said could be added in the future.

How do you beat Zed run?

3 Tips from ZED RUN’s Tournament Winning Stable

  1. Race Strategically. Race carefully and thoughtfully, stay patient and pick the races that best suit your racehorse.
  2. Form a Long-Term Plan. Form a vision of where you think ZED RUN will be in 12 months and make your decisions based on that.
  3. Take time to learn the game.

How do I get my free Zed run horse?

To participate in free racing, all you need is to do is create a stable from ZED RUN and purchase a racehorse from our marketplace. Once you have at least one (1) racehorse in your stable, head over to the events page and look for the ‘free racing’ icon!

How do you improve your horse on Zed run?

How many Zed run horses are left?

There will only ever be 38,000 Genesis bred racehorses in the ZED ecosystem. The Nakamoto is the most celebrated thoroughbred given that they are the purest racehorses that exist within ZED and are often known as the Samurai breed. Greatness is born from humble beginnings.

How often can you race a horse on Zed run?

How many races can I enter my racehorse into? You are limited to entering the same horse, three (3) times in different races.

Is Zed racing profitable?

If you have a horse who can consistently win Races, it stands to reason that you should be able to profit off of that Horse. You get roughly “5.5x” profit for Winning a Paid Zed.

Can you breed a mare in Zed run?

If you own a Filly or Mare, you get to go stud farm shopping! Head on over to the “Breeding” section on Zed Run and start looking for a good mate. If you own a male racehorse and already put him in the stud farm, then you can breed within your own stable.