What are speed pourers?

A speed pourer is a stainless steel or plastic spout that is inserted into the most often used liquor bottles in a bar. It offers precise control when pouring alcohol into a glass or cocktail shaker. These pour spouts come in a variety of styles and are essential tools for professional bartenders.

How many ounces is a pourer?

A standard liquor pour at most bars across the U.S. is 1.5 ounces.

Can you leave a speed pourer on a bottle?

Yes, you can leave pourers on liquor bottles, but the better decision would be to remove or cover them to protect the contents.

How do you use a speed pourer?

Place the speed pourer in the bottle so the pouring hole faces the front label. That way, you’ll always know which direction the hole is pointing. To slow down the pour, use your finger to block the air hole on top of the pourer. Hold the bottle upside down over the glass and count to three to pour 1½ ounces of liquid.

How does a measured pourer work?

Measured pourers are engineered with a mechanical ball-bearing system to control consistency, prevent over-pouring and keep bartenders honest. These pourers work like a valve: they open to allow a certain amount of alcohol to pass through based on their set capacity and then they shut off to prevent over-pouring.

Are all pour spouts the same?

The bottom line is different pour spouts have different pour rates. It’s important to keep in mind that no matter what pour spout you choose to put on your bottles, your staff needs to be trained on how to use them (especially if they’re free pouring without a jigger).

How many ounces is a four count?

about ½ ounce
The Four-Count Pour A four-count is just what it sounds like. As you pour, count to four (yes, with “Mississippi”), and stop. Each “count” should equal about ½ ounce of alcohol. With a bit of practice, what ends up in your glass should fill the 2-ounce side of a jigger.

What are the jigger sizes?

Typically, the larger end of the jigger is 1.5 ounces and the smaller end is 0.75 ounces. In most cases when people refer to a “jigger” or a “jigger shot” they are referring to the standard jigger size of 1.5 ounces. The smaller end of the jigger is known as a pony shot.

How many ounces in a speed pourer?

For most speed pourers, you can count to three or four to pour 1 1/2 ounces of liquid. Practice with an empty bottle filled with water and fill a shot glass while counting.

Who invented the speed pourer?

The first speed pourer patent was filed in 1963 by John J. Daly. According to the patent (US3190511A), his goal was “to provide a liquid pourer particularly adapted for liquor bottles so that a desired amount of liquor is dispensed in a uniform stream upon tilting of the bottle containing the pourer.”

What is the best speed pourer for a bartender?

Our Chrome Plated Executive Speed Pourers are ideal for bartenders who appreciate the look and control of a short nozzeled pourer. The wide spout a… The Chrome Plated Ambassador Speed Pour offers an elegant element and design to any bar.

What is a measured pourer?

Measured: This style is popularly used by bars to control pour costs. Measured pourers often use internal ball bearings to pour a 1 1/2-ounce or 2-ounce shot when the bottle is tipped, shutting off the flow automatically.