What are the 4 types of Deres?

You might recognize these Big Five Dere types in an anime or manga: Deredere, Tsundere, Yandere, Kuudere, and Dandere.

What does each Dere mean?

The word “dere” comes from “deredere” (デレデレ), an onomatopoeia meaning “lovestruck” or “lovey dovey”. Dere type characters are characters that express their affection in different ways, or on different levels. Most of the dere types are how characters react to becoming lovestruck.

What dere is flirty?

Hiyakasudere characters, also known as Teasedere (ティーズデレ) in some media, are sarcastic, mischievous or at least playful at heart, and sort of like a flirt as they tease people they like.

What is the saddest dere?

The most known “Sad Dere” is “Utsudere”, but there are a lot more different dere types with this personality and even variations of them.

What’s the opposite of a Yandere?

What is the opposite of yandere?

repelled repulsed
offended nauseous
displeased aghast
scandalisedUK scandalizedUS

Is Mio a dandere?

The calm and collected bassist of the popular band Ho-kago Tea Time, Mio, may just be one of the most Dandere characters of all time which is why she’s the runner up on our list. She freaks out at even the thought of everything she fears, is as delicate as they come.

What is Hinedere?

A “Hinedere”, also known as “Hinodere” in some media, refers to characters who have cynical world views, are cold-hearted, and are highly arrogant. They will get easily annoyed by other people, included the love interest at first.

What is a Shundere?

Shundere[1] refers to a character who is sad or very depressed all of the time. Shundere characters often are sad from the start and don’t have much of a reason to feel like this, unlike utsudere.

What is Nyandere?

A “Nyandere” is a character that is cat-related or is really obsessed with them, to the point where they act like them sometimes or even all the time when their “dere” side appears.

What does Gou mean in Japanese?

“Gou” can also be from Gouki (剛毅), meaning “fortitude”, or Gōki (豪鬼), meaning “Strong Demon”. This combination of “gōki” and “dere” could be translated as “lord lover”, as goudere characters will consider and treat their master as a strong demon lord.

What does goudere mean in Japanese?

Goudere (豪デレ)is a character archetype in Japanese fiction and media. A goudere is typically an excitable female character who is relentless in pursuing her goals. She would help her love interest to achieve anything he desired. She tends to be quite a perfectionist and tough in helping her love interests.

What is a dere in anime?

“Dere” refers to an archetype given to different characters in anime. Each type of dere has different character traits that define its actions and personality. Some dere types are more popular than others, and some are so obscure that they might be nearly unheard of.

What is a goudere character?

Goudere characters are excitable overachievers that will try to get all they think their loved one wants or deserves; even forcing everyone who crosses their path to give or contribute to what the goudere believes is the perfection and happiness for their master.