What are the best seats at Massey Hall?

This historic hall has hosted some of the best acts in the world and is acoustically sound. Regardless of where you sit it sounds like you are front-row centre. Best seats for sight lines are on the first balcony centre. Take note of where the washrooms are, and there is a bar with ok prices in the basement.

Is there general admission at Massey Hall?

One major new feature is the addition of removable main-floor seating, meaning Massey Hall will now be able to accommodate general admission performances with standing-only tickets.

What do you wear to Massey Hall?

There is no dress code for concerts at Roy Thomson Hall or Massey Hall. Most patrons wear business clothes or casual clothes, but you’ll see everything from jeans and khakis to cocktail dresses and tuxedos.

Does Massey Hall have seats?

2,752Massey Hall / Capacity

Is Massey Hall a seated venue?

The 100 Floor section can be General Admission for designated concerts. Accessible seating is available on all levels and can be purchased online, or by calling 416-872-4255.

Is there coat check at Massey Hall?

Massey Hall does have a coat check.

Is there an elevator at Massey Hall?

Elevators at the Allied Music Centre including Massey Hall are only available for people with accessible needs.

Who played the last show at Massey Hall?

Gordon Lightfoot has played Massey Hall more than any other individual performer. He will be the final act to play Massey Hall in its current state. Despite having been on stage there more than 160 times, he still feels every gig there is extraordinary.

Why is it called Massey Hall?

Massey Music Hall, as it was known until 1933, was built by industrialist Hart Massey in memory of his son Charles Albert Massey. (See Massey Family.)

How old is Massey Hall Toronto?

128Massey Hall / Age (c. 1894)

Does Massey Hall have a coat check?

over a year ago. Massey Hall does have a coat check.