What are the specs for autoclaving?

The autoclave series has a chamber volume range from 120 liters to 310 liters. The autoclave operates with saturated steam as the sterilizing agent with a temperature range from 105 °C (221°F) to 138 °C (280 °F) and a working pressure that meets ASME and PED requirements.

How do you calculate autoclave capacity?

The capacity of the autoclave is determined by the amount of loose red bag waste that can fit within each stainless steel cart. The load capacity is also determined by the ramp angle into the autoclave or if loaded by a cart lift table or draw bridge assembly.

What are the parts components of an autoclave?

Critical Components of an Autoclave

  • Vessel. The vessel is the main body of the autoclave and consists of an inner chamber and an outer jacket.
  • Control System.
  • Thermostatic Trap.
  • Safety Valve.
  • Waste-Water Cooling Mechanism.
  • Vacuum System (if applicable)
  • Steam Generator (if applicable)

What is autoclave PDF?

An autoclave, or steam sterilizer, is an insulated pressure chamber in which saturated steam is used to elevate the temperature. Autoclaves are found in research, diagnostic and microbiology laboratories, health centers and other places that require high-level disinfection.

How do you create an autoclave?

Autoclave design is determined by various parameters. However, the most important design parameters are temperature, pressure, required internal volume, vessel material and number of needed ports for instruments, loading devices and other fittings.

What is Z-value in autoclave?

The z-value is defined as the temperature coefficient of microbial destruction, i.e. as the number of degrees of temperature which causes a 10-fold variation of D (or, more generally, of the sterilization rate).

What is F value in autoclave?

F0 value is used to determine the exposure time of material for sterilization at a particular temperature. F0 value is the time in minute for the specified temperature that gives the same thermal lethality as at 121 °C in one minute.

What is autoclave PSI?

Autoclaves use saturated steam under pressure of approximately 15 pounds per square inch to achieve a chamber temperature of at least 250°F (121°C) for a prescribed time—usually 30–60 minutes.