What are transaction codes in SAP GUI?

A transaction code is linked to many of the functions in the SAP system. This code consists of letters and/or numbers that you enter in the command field. You use a transaction code to go to any task in an SAP application faster.

How do you find Z transaction codes in SAP?

Go to transaction SE93 and type Z* and press F4. You will get all the Z transactions.

What is SAP transaction table?

Transaction Table: Data which frequently changes. For. example, the company is selling some material to one of the. customer.So they will prepare a sales order for the. customer.

How many transactions are there in SAP?

Transactions in SAP® ERP enable a user or an IT specialist to access a certain functionality. There are about 120 thousand of them. A transaction can be called by filling its code in a box on the top of the screen, or by double-clicking on its node in a menu.

What are different types of transaction code?

The 5 types of transactions are :

  • Dialog Transactions.
  • Report Transactions.
  • Object Oriented Transation.
  • Parameter Transation.
  • Variant Transaction.

How to create your own transaction code in SAP?

A fully installed SAPGUI

  • An access to the SAP System
  • Authorization to SE16N
  • How to find back SAP transaction codes?


  • SPRO
  • SWDD
  • SWIA
  • SLG1
  • SE61. SAP Documentation (Email templates…etc.)
  • SE63
  • SCPR20
  • How many SAP transaction codes are there?

    – SAP PS Transaction Codes – SAP PS-IS Tcodes – SAP PS-REV Tcodes – SAP PS-ST Tcodes

    How to find transaction code through table in SAP?

    SAP Transaction Codes table TSTC. Using SE11 ABAP Data Browser transaction, SAP transparent table TSTC (SAP Transaction Codes) for basic transaction information. Display the TSTC database table with Program Name PGMNA (data type is PROGRAM_ID) field filled with the ABAP program name. And run the query.