What brand of football helmet does the NFL use?

The NFL’s new helmets are made by Seattle-based VICIS, a company founded in 2013 that has built a reputation for building safer football helmets.

Who makes most of the NFL helmets?

Table 1 – US Football Helmet Makers 1

Rank Supplier Year founded
1 Riddell 1929
2 Schutt Sports 1928
3 Gamebreaker
4 Impact Sports

What kind of helmet does Dak Prescott wear?

Riddell SpeedFlex
Prescott also wears a Riddell SpeedFlex, but with a grey SF-2BD-SW Facemask, no eyeguards. The valve cap screws on his helmet match the shell in silver.

What is the best NFL helmet?

Jacksonville Jaguars.

  • New England Patriots.
  • Tennessee Titans.
  • Carolina Panthers.
  • Baltimore Ravens.
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
  • Seattle Seahawks.
  • Miami Dolphins.
  • Philadelphia Eagles.
  • Detroit Lions.
  • What is a good helmet brand?

    Bontrager Ballista MIPS.

  • Bell Z20 MIPS.
  • Bontrager XXX WaveCel.
  • Lazer Z1 MIPS.
  • Specialized Echelon II MIPS.
  • Rudy Project Racemaster MIPS.
  • Lazer Blade+MIPS.
  • Giro Aether MIPS SP.
  • What NFL team has ugliest helmets?

    Dallas Cowboys. Let’s talk about how weird the Cowboys’ primary uniforms have become?

  • New York Giants. So.
  • Philadelphia Eagles. Burn these things and let’s act like this never happened.
  • Washington Football Team.
  • Atlanta Falcons.
  • Carolina Panthers.
  • New Orleans Saints.
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
  • Chicago Bears.
  • Detroit Lions.
  • What are the different types of NFL helmets?

    – Full-sized football helmet that looks like the authentic one – Works well as a collectible item – Allows you to choose from different team decals and colors – The shell design is unique – Heavy-duty and long-lasting