What chromosome is d8s1179 on?


Other Names Chromosomal Location GenBank Accession
D6S502 UniSTS: 83408 8q24.13 Chr 8; 125.976 Mb (May 2004, NCBI build 35) G08710; has 12 repeat units AF216671; has 13 repeat units

What does vWA mean on a DNA test?

von Willebrand factor
]. Within the combined DNA index system (CODIS), five STRs are located within genes: TH01 (human tyrosine hydroxylase), TPOX (human thyroid peroxidase), vWA (von Willebrand factor), CSF1PO (c-fms protooncogene for CSF-1 receptor gene), and FGA (human alpha fibrinogen).

What does D5S818 mean?

The D5S818 locus represents a typical VNTR consisting of a 4-basepair repeat element of homogeneous AGAT sequence [4]. In preliminary studies, an RFLP for the enzyme SnaB1 was discovered upstream from the tandem array due to a C/T polymorphism (hereafter called the À 13 SNP).

What causes Triallelic patterns?

Triallelic patterns (7-9) can be due to length mutations that occur and segregate during an individual’s development, or to localized duplication of a locus, or to chromosomal trisomy.

What is the TPOX gene?

The TPOX locus, as part of the CODIS STR loci used by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), serves as a genetic marker to differentiate individuals and is used in forensic and paternity testing.

What is D18S51?

D18S51 sequence analysis indicates the expansion of 1 repeat in M1 and 2 repeats in F1 leading to allele mismatch in the child. Conclusion: The probability of maternity and paternity were 0.999999 and 0.999999 respectively.

What is CSF1PO?

CSF1PO is one of the thirteen core loci used for the CODIS database, and alleles reported for this short tandem repeat (STR) locus contain from 6 to 15 repeats of the tetranucleotide AGAT.

What does Vwa stand for?


Acronym Definition
VWA Ventana Wilderness Alliance (est. 1998; Santa Cruz, CA)
VWA Vengroff, Williams and Associates, Inc. (est. 1963)
VWA Victim Witness Advocate
VWA Virtual Wrestling Association

What is a Microvariant?

Microvariant: Microvariants are alleles that are not exact multiples of the basic repeat motif or sequence variants of the repeat motif or both. Alleles with partial repeat units are designated by the number of full repeats and then a decimal point followed by the number of bases in the partial repeat.

What is a tri allele?

Tri-allelic patterns generally fall into one of two different groups based on relative peak heights: Type 1: Sum of heights of two of the peaks is equal to the third. Type 2: Balanced peak heights.