What coaches have won Super Bowl and college national championship?

Dallas won Super Bowl XXX over the Pittsburgh Steelers, 27–17, making Switzer one of only three coaches to win a college national championship and a Super Bowl, the others being Johnson and Pete Carroll.

Who has the most Super Bowl wins as a coach?

Belichick has five Super Bowl wins, the most of any head coach ever. Belichick is also the only head coach in NFL history to win three Super Bowl championships in a four-year span.

What NCAA coach has the most wins football?

Coaches with 200 career wins

Rank Name Wins
1 John Gagliardi† 489
2 Joe Paterno† 409
3 Eddie Robinson† 408
4 Bobby Bowden† 377

How many head coaches have won more than one Super Bowl?

A total of 13 coaches won the Super Bowl more than once, while 20 other coaches won the Super Bowl only once. Belichick appeared in nine Super Bowls with the New England Patriots and won six with Tom Brady….Multiple Trips, Just One Win.

Hank Stram 1-1 IV
Sean McVay 1-1 LVI

What quarterbacks have won a college national championship and a Super Bowl?

To date, only Joe Namath of Alabama and Joe Montana of Notre Dame have won a national championship in college and gone on to quarterback a Super Bowl-winning team.

Who is the only head basketball coach to win both an NCAA national championship and an NBA title?

Larry Brown
Larry Brown, who is the eighth-winningest coach in NBA history and the only head coach to win both an NCAA national championship (University of Kansas, 1988) and an NBA championship (Detroit Pistons, 2004) in his career, was named a Memphis assistant coach prior to the 2021-22 season.

Has any head coach won a Super Bowl with two different teams?

So far no coach has ever won a Super Bowl with two different franchises. The only active NFL head coach with a chance to do that on his current team is Jon Gruden, who won the Super Bowl with the Buccaneers and is now with the Raiders, where he currently appears to be far from winning a second Super Bowl.

What coaches lost 4 Super Bowls?

But, he never won a Super Bowl championship. With his high powered “no huddle” offense, Levy’s Bills has been the only team to have a head coach to make it to four consecutive Super Bowl games and lose all four. In 2001, Marv Levy was aptly elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio.

Who has the most college football wins?

Alabama made the first five College Football Playoff fields before missing out in 2019. Michigan is the winningest program in the history of college football.

Who was the first Black coach to win a Super Bowl?

Coach Tony Dungy
CHARLOTTE, N.C. — We are celebrating Black History month spotlighting, legendary NFL Head Coach Tony Dungy. Tony Dungy was the first African American coach to win a Super bowl. His team the Indianapolis Colts defeated the Arizona Cardinals in Super bowl XLI, 29 to 17.

Has any player ever won the Heisman national championship and Super Bowl?

Along with Tony Dorsett and Marcus Allen, Woodson is one of three players to win the Heisman, a college national championship and a Super Bowl. Brown was in his 15th NFL season by the time the Raiders advanced to Super Bowl XXXVII, where they were defeated by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 48-21.

Has anyone won the Heisman a national championship and a Super Bowl?

Just three players in history have won the CFP National Championship, the Heisman Trophy and a Super Bowl championship: running backs Tony Dorsett, Marcus Allen and Charles Allen.