What David Foster Wallace book should I read first?

I recommend one starts with the essay “Consider the Lobster,” published in Gourmet Magazine in 2004. If you don’t like this essay, then you won’t like David Foster Wallace. But chances are that you will like it. It’s fun, informative, intelligent and bizarre.

Is David Foster Wallace pretentious?

David Foster Wallace, the critically acclaimed American writer who took his own life in 2008, has been described as “the most tedious, overrated, tortured, pretentious writer of my generation” by American Psycho author Bret Easton Ellis.

How much did David Foster Wallace read?

David Foster Wallace worked surprising turns on nearly everything: novels, journalism, vacation. His life was an information hunt, collecting hows and whys. “I received 500,000 discrete bits of information today,” he once said, “of which maybe 25 are important.

What was David Foster Wallace addicted to?

His private life was hardly less uneven. He had attempted suicide the year before, in his family home, and had also gone from being a marijuana addict to an alcoholic, mostly drinking alone and in front of the television. Most dreadfully, he felt that he could no longer write well.

What should I read if I like David Foster Wallace?

Jonathan Franzen. 7,697 followers. Author of 31 books including The Corrections.

  • Cormac McCarthy. Author of 35 books including The Road.
  • Mary Gaitskill. Author of 34 books including Bad Behavior.
  • William Gaddis. 651 followers.
  • Mark Costello. 13 followers.
  • David Lipsky. 91 followers.
  • William T. Vollmann.
  • E.B. White. 2,423 followers.
  • What is YDAU in Infinite Jest?

    Most of the action in the novel takes place in the Year of the Depend Adult Undergarment, or Y.D.A.U., which is probably AD 2009, taking the Year of the Yushityu… (the lengthily titled 6th Subsidized Year) as 2007.

    What should I read if I liked Infinite Jest?

    9 Huge Books That Are Worth Your Time

    • The Pale King by David Foster Wallace.
    • The Recognitions by William Gaddis.
    • The Last Samurai by Helen DeWitt.
    • The Man Without Qualities by Robert Musil.
    • Underworld by Don DeLillo.
    • 2666 by Roberto Bolaño.
    • IQ84 by Haruki Murakami.
    • Gravity’s Rainbow by Thomas Pynchon.

    Is David Foster Wallace vegan?

    No, David Foster Wallace was not a vegan. However, he was an animal rights activist and a vegetarian for quite some time.

    Is Infinite Jest anti capitalist?

    Unlike his literary hero Don Delillo, Wallace does not have much in the way of a developed theory of capitalism, at least not in Infinite Jest, the peak of his supposedly anti-ironic period. Or to put this more precisely, his theory of capitalism is one of antagonism with soviet communism.

    Who writes like David Foster Wallace?

    Don DeLillo is an American author best known for his novels, which paint detailed portraits of American life in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. He currently lives outside of New York City. William Tanner Vollmann is an American novelist, journalist, short story writer and essayist.

    What is David Foster Wallace’s style?

    Writing Style Most of David Foster Wallace’s writing is centered on moving beyond irony and metafiction often found in postmodernism literature. He uses several forms of irony, but also aimed to focus on an individual’s desire to have honest, unselfconscious experiences.

    Is Infinite Jest difficult to read?

    At more than 1,000 pages – with copious footnotes – Infinite Jest is a famously difficult read. It is the Gen-X Ulysses that even those like me, who consider themselves DFW superfans, are nervous to attempt, many preferring to feed their devotion with his essays and short stories.