What did Rasputin Do destiny?

Rasputin was the one to first discover the coming of the Darkness which he termed “IT”. At the time, Rasputin’s original core programming was to protect humanity.

Why did Rasputin shoot the traveler?

Adds that are from Rasputin’s perspective showing that there was a directive that informed him that he should shoot the traveller to prevent it from leaving.

What happened to the Warmind Rasputin?

Currently, Rasputin sits inside an engram after being evacuated from Mars by Ana Bray. Since it is basically dormant but not fully dead, there is a possibility that it might return as an Exo since the lore suggests that Ana Bray wanted to put it in an experimental Exo chassis.

What is Rasputin saying in Destiny 2?

Rasputin Says: Darkness. I can see how people who are listening for darkness can hear it. I can hear it myself if I’m trying to. It would make for a very compelling story twist if that’s what is happening, and also a pretty awesome raid of trying to fight Rasputin and bring him offline once and for all.

Is the traveler awake?

At the end of the main campaign of Destiny 2, the Traveler awakened. After being silent for the entirety of Destiny 1, and then being caged by Dominus Ghaul, the big-bad of Destiny 2’s vanilla campaign, the Traveler burst from its energy cage, defeated Ghaul, and sent out a shockwave that echoed through the galaxy.

Why did Rasputin use Siva?

SIVA is a form of self-replicating nanotechnology developed by Clovis Bray during the Golden Age. Originally designed to assist in the construction of extrasolar colonies, it was used by the Warmind Rasputin as a weapon against the Iron Lords, and later by the Splicers of the Fallen House of Devils.

Did Rasputin stop the Traveller?

He said so himself. Therefore, Rasputin never shot the Traveler. Although highly suggestive that he did, all of the evidence says overwhelmingly otherwise, both in-game and out-of-game.

What does Rasputin say to Osiris?

The clip opens on Mars, as Osiris approaches the Warmind AI known as Rasputin. He essentially insults him a few times by calling him a “thug, murderer [and] betrayer” based on what he’s witnessed in time travel through the Infinite Forest.

Why did The Traveler give Savathun light?

Of course, as detailed above, Savathun didn’t steal the Light; the Traveler chose to give it to her. So the memories we uncover aren’t actually helping us solve the mystery. Instead, they serve to help Savathun remember who she was in her past life, allowing her to complete her plans.

Is the gardener The Traveler?

The Traveler is an agent of the Gardener. The pattern she put into the game of life to help the weaker flowers grow strong against the Winnower’s Blade. The Winnower’s Blade is what we call the Darkness today.

Is Siva a Warmind?

Can Rasputin control Siva?

Rasputin, and the other Warminds, too, have control of SIVA. The Rise of Iron campaign has a cutscene where Saladin talks about how Rasputin felt threatened by the Iron Lords and killed them with SIVA as a result.