What did they use on Breaking Bad for the meth?

“Whenever you see Walter and Jesse’s signature blue meth, what you’re actually seeing is blue rock candy. More specifically: blue rock candy from The Candy Lady, a boutique candy store in Albuquerque,” Cranston said. In an interview with Australia’s Kiis FM, he described the candy as “vile tasting pieces of sugar.”

Who makes the best meth in Breaking Bad?

Using his chemistry knowledge, Walt comes up with his famous Blue Meth, the best form of meth ever produced in the region. This helps him rise to be the biggest drug lord in the country. Walt’s brainpower is largely the reason why he is considered one of the greatest TV characters of all time.

Does Aaron Paul know how do you cook meth?

‘Breaking Bad’ Stars Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul Know How to Cook Meth Thanks to AMC Series. Mild-mannered high school chemistry teacher with cancer meets a small-time meth dealer somewhere in Albuquerque. They hook up and learn to cook crystal meth out of an RV.

What is Jesse smoking in Breaking Bad?

Wilmington is a fictional brand of cigarette featured in Breaking Bad. Jesse Pinkman primarily smokes Wilmingtons, and the cigarettes play a key part in season 4.

Who is the most famous meth cook?

The Vice show Fringes found the real Walter White, a former meth kingpin from Alabama. Walter starts his interview with reporter Gianna Toboni rather ominously. My name is Walter White and I’m a meth cook and for 10 years I had the best meth in Alabama.

What does the H stand for in Walter H White?

Please do not move this article until the discussion is closed. Walter Hartwell “Walt” White Sr., also known by his alias Heisenberg, is the main character of the American crime drama television series Breaking Bad. The character is portrayed by Bryan Cranston.

Did Bryan Cranston know how do you cook meth?

Bryan Cranston has revealed that he learned how to make actual crystal meth while working on Breaking Bad. The Primetime Emmy Award winner will be forever identified with playing Breaking Bad’s Walter White, a high-school teacher who used his chemistry know-how to become the drug kingpin of Albuquerque.

Did Bryan Cranston learn to make meth for Breaking Bad?

Breaking Bad: Bryan Cranston & Aaron Paul Learned To Make Meth For The Show. In order to prepare for their starring roles in Breaking Bad, Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul were taught certain skills to make the show convincing.