What do I give robot Rick the second time?

Quest. Robot Rick can be found standing near the crafting station at the Citadel closest to the Shop. To ‘recharge’ him, the player may give him a Supercharged Battery or a Microverse Battery. Once Robot Rick is functioning properly again, he will reward the player with a Level Up Mega Seed.

What Humox 5 wants?

After winning 24 badges in Pocket Mortys Humox 5 will ask you to help him end the suffering of his people. You can craft and give him a Neutrino Bomb to complete the side quest, Ricktasrophe of the 4th Kind, and earn an award.

What item do you give Robot Rick?

You will need to turn a regular Battery into a Supercharged Battery by using the crafting recipe listed here. Once the Supercharged Battery is crafted, give it to Robot Rick and he will give you a Level Up Mega Seed.

What level does the one true Morty evolve?

Level 20
Egg Morty is a character from Pocket Mortys. This Morty is obtained from Masy Kallerax’s quest, New Chef in the Rickchen. It evolves into the One True Morty once it reaches Level 20.

What nationality is Rick Sanchez?

He is the widower of Diane Sanchez and father of Beth Smith, the father-in-law of Jerry Smith, and the grandfather of Morty and Summer Smith….

Rick Sanchez
Nationality Hispanic-American
Age 70 (seasons 1–4) 71 (seasons 5–present)

What do I give Dandy Rick in Pocket Mortys?

What item do I give Dandy Rick in Pocket Mortys? After winning 16 badges Dandy Rick will ask you for more fuel for his car. You need to craft and give him a Dark Matter Ball to help him out. You can look up the crafting recipes for a Dark Matter Ball here.

What is Pocket Mortys and how do you play?

Pocket Mortys is a new Pokemon parody for the iOS and Android platforms that enables you to play as Rick, obviously of Rick and Morty fame, and catch all of the various Mortys from all of the various universes. You have a ton of different items in this game, and you can use those items to craft new items.

How do I get the Dandy Rick car battery?

In the second-to-last side quest in v.1.o of the game Dandy Rick will ask you to craft him a new car battery. You can help him by crafting and giving him a Microverse Battery. This will allow you to complete the Dude, Where’s My Rick side quest.