What do the numbers mean on jayco Expanda?

The 16.49 is the length of the van and the -2 is the layout ie the 16.49-2 is a 16 footer with bunks and as you know a 16.49-3 is a 16 footer with toilet and shower the b stands for the type of configuration of the table some are length ways and some are across the van which is also called a cafe dinnette model.

How big is a jayco Expanda?

Expanda outback | Floor Plan: 17.56-2. OB. EX-MY22

Body length (mm) 5619
Interior height (mm) 2115
Open Length (mm) 7977
Front bed width (mm) 1360
Rear bed width (mm) 1330

What does RLS mean on a travel trailer?

RKS means (at least in part) rear kitchen. RLS means rear living room. Is there a (fairly complete) guide to interpreting RV model numbers?

How long is a Jayco Swan?

5365mm long
The Swan Touring camper-trailer has traveling dimensions of 5365mm long, 1660mm high and 2240mm wide. It has a tare weight of 1134kg. When opened, its full length extends to 6505mm, 4340mm (in the body) and the interior is 2070mm high.

How much is a brand new Jayco Expanda?

The average price range for a 2017 – 2022 Jayco Expanda is as follows: Pop-top Outback = $55,000 – $63,000. Full Body Outback = $57,000 – $60,000. Pop-top Touring = $50,000 – $63,000.

What is an expander caravan?

Expanda is the name given to Jayco caravans that have single or double pop out bed ends. This means the caravan can accommodate more people once opened up and still be the same length to tow. These are great for families or people wishing to accommodate larger numbers of people in the caravan.

Can jayco Expanda go off road?

The Jayco Expanda Outback model is an upgraded version of the touring model and is built for unsealed roads and off-grid camping. The extra clearance offers more peace of mind when towing the caravan up and down steep embankments, over branches and even through water.

What does GK mean in RV?

The Forest River Surveyor has “K” for kitchen “RE” for rear entertainment and “TS” for Triple Slide. These features are present in the model information because they can help show the versatility and space of this RV. 3.