What do you mean by Gotcha Day?

What is Gotcha Day? Let’s quickly define the term for anyone who may be learning about adoption for the first time. Gotcha day is a celebration of the day a family adopted a child. Some families decide to mark this anniversary on the day of placement; others celebrate on the day the adoption was finalized in court.

How do people celebrate Gotcha Day?

Some celebrate with a “happy Gotcha Day” cake or give a small present, like a keepsake for their adopted daughter’s charm bracelet. Others go out for a nice dinner, invite friends for an “adoption day” barbeque, or take a special family photo.

Where did Gotcha Day originate?

Early evidence for the expression Gotcha Day comes from at least the early 1990s (an obscure 1985 children’s book, we should note was called The Glad I Gotcha Day). Gotcha is a colloquial way of expressing “got you,” recorded as such as early as the 1920s, though likely said that way well earlier.

What is an adoption day called?

The term “Gotcha Day” has been used for many years by adoptive parents to celebrate the day their adopted child became part of their family. We recognize that not everyone appreciates this term. Some people instead call this special day “Family Day,” “Adoption Day,” or something similar.

What is the adoption day called?

Gotcha Day
The date on which a child meets his adoptive parents is one that many families like to honor each year, much like a birthday. And in a growing number of American homes, it even has a special name: “Gotcha Day,” as in, “the day I got you,” or the first day parents spent with their adopted son or daughter.

How do you celebrate adoption finalization?

Planning Your Adoption Day Celebration

  1. Don’t Put Too Much Pressure. The first thing to keep in mind is not putting too much pressure on the event and celebration.
  2. Involve Your Child.
  3. Honor Birth Parents and Child’s Culture.
  4. Create a Family Tradition.
  5. Keep The Focus on the Child and Family, Not the Adoption.

How do you celebrate Gotcha Day?

8 Ways to Celebrate Your Pet’s “Gotcha Day”

  1. Special Meal or Treat.
  2. Host a Playdate.
  3. Let Them Pick Out a Gotcha Day Gift.
  4. Spend Time with Your Pet.
  5. Commission a Pet Portrait.
  6. Throw a Party.
  7. Donate to a Shelter or Rescue in Your Pet’s Name.
  8. Share Your Pet’s Adoption Story.