What do you write in a first wedding anniversary card?

First wedding anniversary: – “A year ago today, you made me the happiest person on earth.” – “A year ago today I was lucky enough to marry the kindest person I know, my best friend and favourite human. Happy first anniversary of the happiest moment of my life.” – “Happy first year of being legally stuck with me!”

What color is the 1st wedding anniversary?


1st First Yellow
2nd Second Linen White
3rd Third Light Brown
4th Fourth Lime Green

How to write an original wedding anniversary poem or verse?

High-five to your five-year milestone.

  • Five years,60 months,260 weeks,or 1,825 days—however you count it,it all adds up to love.
  • If a five-year wedding gift is silverware,then happy day to you two spoons.
  • Congratulations to five years filled with new memories and many more to come.
  • On one hand you have all the years of your marriage.
  • What should I do for my one year anniversary?

    Meaningful Sheet Music.

  • Decorative Travel Map.
  • Unique Paper Earrings.
  • Wedding Invitation Cuff Links.
  • Letterpress Wedding Vows.
  • Fun Adventure Journal.
  • Custom Star Map.
  • Romantic Couple’s Portrait.
  • Keepsake Anniversary Journal.
  • Unique Paper Bouquet.
  • What are some great wedding anniversary quotes?

    Wedding Anniversary Wishes : The years will pass but I wish that the love between you both only grow more stronger as the time pass by.

  • Anniversary Quotes: Wedding is a very memorable day.
  • Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes to Couple.
  • Anniversary Wishes And Quotes.
  • Wedding Anniversary Quotes.
  • What is a 1 year wedding anniversary gift?

    We’re not too sure what you could give to a loved one on this anniversary ruby anniversary last year as they celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary. Gold is the most precious substance around and it’s the perfect gift for this impressive