What does bang on the door mean?

3 verb If you bang a door or if it bangs, it closes suddenly with a loud noise.

What does bang on mean?

intransitive verb. British, informal. : to talk repeatedly or continuously about something —usually used with about I love fatherhood—I could bang on about kids forever.— Guy Ritchie.

What is bang mean in English?

a sudden loud noise
1 : a resounding blow. 2 : a sudden loud noise —often used interjectionally. 3a : a sudden striking effect. b : a quick burst of energy start off with a bang.

What type of word is bang?

Bang can be an interjection, a verb or a noun.

What’s another word for Bang?

Bang Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for bang?

boom crash
smash whump
clash whack
slam thump
thwack clang

How can I use bang in a sentence?

Bang sentence example

  • There was a loud bang as the front door slammed with Cynthia’s violent departure.
  • Then, bang , bang , he’s dead.
  • There was a loud bang , which I thought was a gunshot.
  • She continued to bang away on her keyboard, the smile etched on her face.

Is bang on slang?

immediately; right away. bang on, Chiefly British Slang. terrific; marvelous; just right: That hat is absolutely bang on.

What does bang off mean?

: to stop normal operation due to the failure of the shuttle to enter the box.

What is the meaning of spot on?

exactly correct
adjective. Britannica Dictionary definition of SPOT–ON. chiefly British, informal. : exactly correct : completely accurate. The weather forecast was spot-on.

What is an example of Bang?

An example of a bang is the loud sound a cannon makes. To handle noisily or violently. Banged the pots in the kitchen. To make a sudden loud, explosive noise.

What does bang on time mean?

Done or happening according to one’s plans or schedule. on-target. timely. on schedule. to schedule.

What does bang on trend mean?

very fashionable
/ˌɑːn ˈtrend/ ​very fashionable. That jacket is bang on-trend. an on-trend haircut.