What does Bhavati mean in Sanskrit?

“to become
भवति (root bhū, first conjugation) Devanagari script form of bhavati (“to become”)

What is the meaning of mitraa?

Both Vedic Mitra and Avestan Mithra derive from an Indo-Iranian common noun *mitra-, generally reconstructed to have meant “covenant, treaty, agreement, promise.” This meaning is preserved in Avestan miθra “covenant.” In Sanskrit and modern Indo-Aryan languages, mitra means “friend,” one of the aspects of bonding and …

How do you write Mithra in Sanskrit?

Mitra (Hindu god)

Devanagari मित्र
Sanskrit transliteration mitrá
Affiliation Deva, Adityas
Abode Devloka

What is friend called in Sanskrit?


friendliness सौहार्दम्
friendliness मित्रत्वम्
friendliness अनुनीति
friendly relationship सख्यम्
Friendship सख्यम्

What is the meaning of Asthi in Sanskrit?

a bone
अस्थि • (ásthi) n. a bone quotations ▼ the kernel of a fruit.

What is the meaning of Litra?

1 : a unit of value of ancient Sicily based on the value of a pound of bronze. 2 : a silver coin worth one litra.

Who is mitra Deva?

Mitra, in the pantheon of Vedic Hinduism, one of the gods in the category of Adityas, sovereign principles of the universe. He represents friendship, integrity, harmony, and all else that is important in the successful maintenance of order in human existence.

What is mitra called in Sanskrit?

Mitra is a Sanskrit word which means “friend.” It is a combination of the root words, mi, which means “destruction,” and tra, meaning “protective force.” The term is best explained as a friend who protects you from harm, guides your through the right path and brings you happiness.

What is the opposite of mitra?

अक्षरों की सहायता से शब्दकोश प्रयोग करे अ आ

How do you say dear in Sanskrit?

Meanings of DEAR in Sanskrit

  1. प्रिय
  2. रागमय
  3. रागवत्
  4. हृदिस्पृश्