What does CPG mean in French?

English translation: Consumer Packaged Goods

French term or phrase: CPG
English translation: Consumer Packaged Goods
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What does services mean in French?

[ˈsɜːʳvɪs ] 1. (= needed facility) service m.

What does Clients mean in French?

[ˈklaɪənt ] [of professional person] client(e) m/f.

How do you say consumer packaged goods in French?

▾ Dictionary English-French

  1. consumer n — consommateurs pl m. · consommateur m. ·
  2. consumer goods pl — biens de consommation pl m. · produits de consommation pl m. ·
  3. packaged goods pl — marchandises emballées pl f. · biens emballés pl m. ·
  4. packaged — emballé adj. · emballée. ·
  5. goods pl — biens pl m. · produits pl m. ·

How do you say yell for help in French?

Au secours !

What is French service style?

Service à la française (French: [sɛʁvis a la fʁɑ̃sɛz]; “service in the French style”) is the practice of serving various dishes of meal at the same time, with the diners helping themselves from the serving dishes.

What is another word for service?

synonyms for service

  • account.
  • assistance.
  • benefit.
  • business.
  • duty.
  • employment.
  • maintenance.
  • office.

What does Le client mean in English?

Word forms: client, cliente [klijɑ̃t] masculine noun/feminine noun. 1. [ de magasin] customer.

How do you spell support in French?

French translation of ‘support’

  1. ( moral) soutien m ⧫ appui m.
  2. ( financial) soutien m ⧫ appui m.
  3. ( for movement, party, candidate) soutien m.
  4. ( physical) appui m.
  5. (= object that supports) support m.
  6. (= person)
  7. (= evidence)
  8. ( also: support act) (= band, singer) première partie f ⧫ vedette f américaine.