What does Henkel AG do?

Henkel is the leading solution provider for adhesives, sealants and functional coatings worldwide.

Who owns Henkel AG?

With brands like Persil, Schwarzkopf and Fa, and over $20 billion in annual revenue, Henkel is among the world’s biggest cleaning product companies. After the death of his father Konrad in 1999, Christoph Henkel inherited his interest and became the largest single stockholder in the company.

What are the products of Henkel?

Henkel Adhesives Products

  • Industrial Adhesives. Read More.
  • Industrial Cleaners.
  • Industrial Coatings.
  • Industrial Lubricants.
  • Industrial Sealants.
  • Encapsulants.
  • Repair Materials.
  • Solder materials.

Where is Henkel North America?

Employee Growth

Type Subsidiary
HQ Rocky Hill, CT, US
Founded 2017
Website henkel-northamerica.com
Cybersecurity rating AMore

What’s it like working at Henkel?

Productive and flexible. It is a good place to work. Many opportunities for international advancement. The culture is quite serious, but a lot of good room for growth as an individual.

Is Henkel a Fortune 500 company?

Henkel has improved 20 places in the annual survey of the world’s 500 highest-revenue companies published by the U.S. business magazineFortune.

Is Henkel good to work for?

Overall Henkel is a decent company. The work is meaningful, and coworkers are friendly and willing to help each other. Most managers seem to care about their employees, and work-life balance is good. However, salary is not competitive, and many people have left for salary increases of over 20%.

Is it good to work for Henkel?

A strong company with great vision. Over all a great company with excellent benefits. Operating different machines and work is interesting. Under new management and they are working well together with the union.