What does norgren do?

About. We are a world leader in fluid and motion control technologies, delivering exceptional solutions which improve the productivity and efficiency of our customers’ equipment.

Where is Norgren made?

At Norgren in Farmington, CT, we know fluidics. Bringing together our combined experience, we have been in the fluid control design and manufacturing business for over 200 years.

What are the two types of air valves?

Types of Air Valves Check valves are self-actuating and prevent the reversal of process flow. Diaphragm valves separate the flow of water from the closure element.

Is Norgren part of IMI?

Norgren is part of global engineering organization IMI plc. IMI is at the forefront of delivering the solutions we need in a changing world, and is focused on creating tremendous value by solving key industry problems in attractive markets and employing the best.

What does IMI Precision Engineering do?

IMI Precision Engineering focuses expertise and engineering resources on delivering high-performance products, services and added value solutions to the rail industry. IMI Precision Engineering has a deep understanding of air preparation problems in the rail industry.

Who bought Norgren?

Norgren Changes Name to IMI Precision Engineering as Part of Global IMI Transition. Since January 2015, Norgren has been known as IMI Precision Engineering.

What is IMI graduate program?

Our Programmes For graduates looking to build an international career at the cutting edge of engineering and technology, IMI is the place to be. We run engineering, and non-engineering graduate programmes in each of our three divisions – Precision, Critical and Hydronic Engineering.

How do I know what size air valve I need?

Use the calculated cfm of air discharge and a pressure differential no greater than 2 psi to determine the appropriate valve size represented in the chart below. Using the table, 401 cfm falls between 387 and 445, in the 2-inch orifice size column, indicating a 2-inch valve in necessary for proper exhaust.

Where should air valves be placed?

Because these valves are designed to release air from the piping system, they should be placed where the air is most likely to collect. Install them at system high points in the vertical position with the inlet down. Remember to add a shut-off valve below the valve in the event servicing is required.

When should air release valves be used?

Air Release Valves are used to automatically vent the air that can become trapped in any pipeline conveying fluid. They should be placed at strategic high points along the pipeline, where trapped air can accumulate.