What does the bottom of the Jordan 9 mean?

GERMAN – “ATHLETISCH” – ATHLETIC. SWAHILI – “MUUNDAJI” – HOPE. Each phrase speaks to MJ’s way of living on and off the court. “We were talking about competition, about winning, the approach to basketball and those same terms meant more than just basketball, they should be viewed as a blueprint for a good life.

What does QS mean in Jordan shoes?

QS means “Quickstrike”. This is a term that refers to a limited quantity release of a Nike product.

What does it say on the bottom of Jordan 11?

Decoded: The embroidered strip on the tongue of the Air Jordan 11 may look like a series of random symbols when viewed from the front, but when turned to the side and viewed vertically, this tag reads “JUMPMAN JORDAN.” The tag on the 2000 release of the Space Jams took things a step even further, reading “JUMPMAN JAM.”

How do I identify my Jordan’s?

To identify fake Jordans, start by examining the logo and words on the box and the shoe style number printed on the manufacturer’s label. Compare the style number to one on the Nike website and the one on the tag inside of the shoe to make sure that it is authentic.

Did Jordan ever wear Jordan 9?

While Jordan never wore the Air Jordan IX as a Chicago Bull, he did wear the ‘Cool Grey’ version during his days as a Washington Wizard. Michael also wore the cleated version of the Air Jordan IX during his baseball career, and also wore the original White/Black-True Red colorway during the movie ‘Space Jam’.

Why do Jordans have a 9?

With Michael Jordan’s sudden retirement just before the 1993-94 season, the Air Jordan 9 was the first signature sneaker Jordan never wore during a regular-season game. The sneaker borrowed design cues from the baseball cleats Jordan wore during his brief stint in minor league baseball.

What does QC mean in shoes?


What does QS mean on goat?

QS – Quickstrike Relatively rare shoes that are not as exclusive as Hyperstrike releases. Traditionally, QS sneakers did not have a release date tagged with them, but now they do.

How do you read a shoe tag?

There should be two labels on your shoes; the first label tells you the origin of the manufacturing. This label is a requirement of the Federal Trade Commission and the U.S. Bureau of customs and Border Protection. The second label is a breakdown of the construction of the shoe.