What does the Red TDI badge mean?

Tdi = 90bhp in early years, later increased to 100bhp. Td red i = 115bhp early years, later increased to 130bhp. T red di = 130bhp early years, later increased to 170bhp. M.

What is TDI Blue?

BlueMotion strategy BlueMotion technologies include products and technologies to improve fuel economy and reduce emissions. Currently, they cover the TDI (turbocharged diesel direct injection) and TSI (boosted petrol stratified direct injection) engines and the Direct Shift Gearbox (DSG).

What is the difference between TDI and GTI?

GTI, which stands for Grand Tourer Injection, is Volkswagen Golf’s performance model. TDI, which stands for Turbocharged Direct Injection, is Volkswagen’s identification of a diesel engine. Lastly, R is the highest performance tier of the Golf and, as you can probably guess, it stands for Racing.

What does BlueMotion mean in VW?

Volkswagen BlueMotion is a combination of technologies, designed to increase fuel economy and reduce emissions, which together are known as BlueMotion: Start/stop technology – the engine is automatically turned off when the car’s not moving.

Does TDI mean turbo?

T for Turbo The first part of the TDI moniker is relatively straightforward – it stands for ‘Turbocharged’, indicating that the car has a turbocharger fitted to its engine.

Is a TDI faster than a GTI?

On performance, the TDI is a few ticks slower than the GTI in acceleration, and in our handling tests. More important, in its stay here at Road & Track, the Golf TDI fitted with the standard 6-speed manual transmission averaged a laudable 38.9 mpg.

What happens if you dont use AdBlue?

If you run out of AdBlue while you’re driving, then the engine’s power and performance will be reduced to limit its emissions. Once you’ve stopped, you won’t be able to restart the engine if the AdBlue tank’s empty. The car will give you plenty of warning that the AdBlue tank’s running low.

Why would you put a red TDI badge on a Passat?

I put an all red TDI on my Passat because I like the way it looks. I could really mess with someone and put a 4motion badge on it! Btw, Worldimpex has all red TDI badges for $5 each. They should be showing them on the home page.

Do all Audi diesels have blue badges?

Now all of their diesels are common rail, but the label remains unchanged, being kind of a brand itself since 1989 and Audi 2.5 TDI. Traditionally, depending on the engine power some of the badge letters may be red. Those specialy tuned for economy and low emissions have the last letter painted blue.

What does the red light on the dashboard mean on VW?

The red indicator light means you should stop the vehicle in a safe place as soon as possible and seek assistance. This yellow VW dashboard instrument panel light means the incorrect key has been inserted, or that the key is not adapted to the vehicle.

What does the yellow Volkswagen warning light mean?

The solid yellow Volkswagen warning light means ESP/ASR is inactive. A flashing warning light signifies an ESP/ASR event. Contact your local authorized Volkswagen dealer for more information.