What does this light on my dash mean?

The light will come on to alert you about standard maintenance items such as low fuel, when it’s time for an oil change or if air pressure is low. The dashboard light can also indicate a more serious issue such as brake system warning, low oil pressure, engine temperature or other issues with your engine.

What does it mean if this light is on the instrument panel?

There are two main types of dashboard warning lights: red and orange. A red warning light generally indicates a serious issue with your car. You should act quickly if your dashboard warning light is red – it could be an overheating engine, low engine oil pressure or a braking system problem.

Why is my instrument cluster not lighting up?

If the dashboard lights aren’t working at all, a blown fuse may be the culprit. It’s relatively easy to remove and replace a fuse that has been damaged; however, if the fuse blows again, it could be indicative of a deeper electrical problem that a professional will need to address.

How do you brighten the dash lights on a Honda Civic?

Brightness Control Adjust instrument panel brightness when the vehicle is on. To brighten: Turn the knob to the right. To dim: Turn the knob to the left. A beep sounds when the brightness reaches minimum or maximum.

What does the transmission light look like?

If you notice the transmission light on your dashboard, it means there could be an issue with your vehicle’s automatic transmission or other associated elements. Some vehicles turn on this warning light when the transmission is seemingly overheating or if there’s an issue with the overdrive or traction control light.

How do I brighten my dash lights?

The Symptom: Dash Lights Are Too Dim The most common cause of this problem is the dimmer switch. This switch or set of buttons allows you to make your dash lights dimmer or brighter to match your needs.

Can you adjust the brightness in 2009 Honda Civic?

Make sure your Civic is on and in park! Locate the sun and moon button on the display. Push this button and you will have the option to brighten or dim the lights on the infotainment display system.