What does will follow shortly mean?

vb. 1 to go or come after in the same direction.

Will follow shortly in a sentence?

Another book, The Joy of Tax, will follow shortly. He told his readers that “further orders will follow shortly”. The interview will be conducted on 24 November and a post will follow shortly afterwards. If shooting is like the rest of Rondo’s development, it will follow shortly.

How do you follow soon in a sentence?

soon to follow

  1. Jordan is soon to follow. The Economist.
  2. Here soon to follow”. The Guardian.
  3. Other stations were soon to follow.
  4. Even darker days were soon to follow.
  5. Another chunk of change is soon to follow.
  6. Foot-and-mouth disease was soon to follow.
  7. Meaning, I hope, that triumph and light are soon to follow.

Will follow soon after Meaning?

If something is going to happen soon, it will happen after a short time.

What does can follow mean?

1 : to go, proceed, or come after followed the guide. 2a : to engage in as a calling or way of life : pursue wheat-growing is generally followed here. b : to walk or proceed along follow a path. 3a : to be or act in accordance with follow directions. b : to accept as authority : obey followed his conscience.

How long does Shortly mean?

1 : in or within a short time : soon They should arrive shortly.

What is another word for shortly?

In this page you can discover 17 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for shortly, like: quickly, anon, briefly, in-brief, presently, soon, concisely, immediately, before-long, curtly and in-due-course.

Will Follow sentence?

Sentence examples for we will follow from inspiring English sources. We will follow our process”. “We will follow our desires”. “We will follow every penny,” he said.

How do you use follow in a sentence?

Follow sentence example

  1. I’ll follow you back to the house.
  2. He motioned to the others to follow and they all went down the path to the building.
  3. Carmen stared at him, trying to follow his runaway thought train.
  4. He’ll follow us, won’t he?
  5. If he wanted to hurt me, he could follow me in my car.

How do you use shortly?

Use “shortly” in a sentence | “shortly” sentence examples

  1. Ms Jones will be back shortly.
  2. She is shortly to leave for Mexico.
  3. An investigation is underway after a missile self-destructed shortly after it was launched.
  4. Shortly afterwards, police arrested four suspects.

What does shortly after mean?

soon after
Definition of shortly after : soon after Shortly after she hung up, the phone rang again.

Will be followed by meaning?

phrase. You use followed by to say what comes after something else in a list or ordered set of things. Potatoes are still the most popular food, followed by white bread. See full dictionary entry for follow.