What font is used for Dale Earnhardt 3?

According to MasGrafx Racing Graphics, Microgramma is the font of several NASCAR numbers used by Richard Childress Racing and Dale Earnhardt, Inc., such as the #8 (mainly driven by Dale Earnhardt Jr. until 2007), #3 (Dale Earnhardt and Austin Dillon) and #29 (Kevin Harvick).

What font is used for NASCAR numbers?

ITC Machine Medium
The name of the font that NASCAR uses is ITC Machine Medium. This means that the font is owned by ITC, its name is Machine, and the version of the font is Medium.

Are NASCAR numbers trademarked?

Likewise, NASCAR teams may own trademarks in their number (both stylized and unstylized), yet they do not actually “own” the number in a traditional sense and certainly not for competition purposes. NASCAR controls and allocates the numbers used on race cars to its participating race teams on an annual basis.

What font does Penske use?

Penske uses pretty much Air Millhouse Metallic.

Is the NASCAR logo copyright?

NDM, NASCAR and NASCAR.COM, and each of their logos, are trademarks of NASCAR. All rights reserved. All other trademarks appearing on NASCAR.COM are the property of their respective owners.

What does the blue flag mean in NASCAR?

BLUE FLAG (solid blue, no stripe): Used only on road courses to warn drivers of hard-to-see problems ahead of them, such as if a car has spun off the course but the race remains under green-flag conditions.

How can I find a font from an image?

How to identify fonts in an image

  1. Download the photo or copy the URL where the photo is hosted.
  2. Go to the Font Squirrel website.
  3. Click Upload image if you have the photo on your computer.
  4. Now crop the image to highlight the text on the image.
  5. Now click Matcherate It.
  6. You will see a bunch of options below the image.