What GPA do you need to get a scholarship to UCLA?

High school entering students are considered for scholarships with a minimum 4.1 GPA. Community college entering students are considered for scholarships with a minimum 3.5 GPA. Priority for scholarships for continuing students is given to students with 3.2 GPA or better.

How do I get a full scholarship to UCLA?

UCLA Scholarship Criteria

  1. Must complete an on-line “UCLA Scholarship Application” available through MyUCLA .
  2. Must have a minimum 3.0 GPA.
  3. Must submit a FAFSA or Dream Act application by the March 2nd priority deadline annually to be considered.

Does UCLA offer merit based scholarships?

UCLA offers financial support that may be awarded based on need, academic merit, background, specific talents or professional interests: UCLA Regents Scholarships (merit-based)

What scholarships are available for UCLA?

UCLA Scholarships

Major / Department Scholarship Resources
SRC Donor Scholarships UCLA Donor Scholarships
AAP Scholarships AAP Scholarships
Alumni Association Alumni Association- Awards for Current Students
American Cultures Institute for American Cultures- Grad Funding

Does UCLA offer full ride?

UCLA offers need-based financial aid to students who submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid or the Dream Act Application by March 2nd. These grants are essentially free money that will not need to be repaid.

Can you get a full ride to UCLA?

Each year, up to 100 Regents scholarships are offered to freshman and transfer students. Students are chosen based on academic achievement, leadership, and promise as students and leaders in the UCLA community. These renewable scholarships are worth $2,000 per year and are awarded regardless of financial need.

What kind of scholarships does UCLA give?

UCLA Undergraduate Scholarships Scholarships are a great way to access additional funds for college, and can help you dramatically reduce the amount you have to borrow in student loans, or work while in college. Scholarships are designed to reward, encourage, and assist students in pursuing academic excellence and leadership roles.

What GPA do you need to get a scholarship at UCLA?

Scholars must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress and a 2.5 GPA as defined by UCLA Financial Aid and Scholarships. Scholars must notify Financial Aid and Scholarships of any change in family financial circumstances. Recipients must meet the community service requirement if they accept the scholarship.

How do I apply for outside scholarships at UCLA?

In addition to applying for UCLA scholarships available through Financial Aid and Scholarships office, the Scholarships Resource Center and your department and/or College, expand your search beyond UCLA. Below is a list of resources that you can use to apply for outside scholarships.

How many Regents Scholarships does UCLA give each year?

UCLA awards up to 100 Regents scholarships each year to entering and transfer students and currently has approximately 500 Regents Scholars enrolled at UCLA.