What happened to Hernandez TNA?

TNA later reported on Hernandez’s kayfabe injuries, claiming that he had suffered a herniated disc and cervical damage to his neck in the assault and will be out of action indefinitely. The neck injury storyline was created so Hernandez could work in Mexico for three months.

How old is Hernandez wrestler?

49 years (February 11, 1973)Hernandez / Age

Who owns LAX wrestling?

The latest rendition is called LAX 5150 or simply 5150 and is composed by Slice Boogie, Danny Rivera and Julius Smokes. It began working for MLW in July 2021, once again managed by Konnan….Latin American Xchange.

The Latin American Xchange
Debut December 31, 2005
Years active 2005–2009 2011–2015 2017–2019 2021

Who is homicide in wrestling?

Homicide (wrestler)

Birth name Nelson Erazo
Born March 20, 1977 Brooklyn, New York, United States
Children 2
Professional wrestling career

How old is Gino Hernandez?

28 years (1957–1986)Gino Hernandez / Age at death

Where was Gino Hernandez from?

Highland Park, TXGino Hernandez / Place of birth

Are Santana and Ortiz related?

Santana (born February 4, 1991), Ortiz (born September 27, 1991) and Eddie Kingston (born December 12 1981) are an American professional wrestling stable currently signed to All Elite Wrestling (AEW) where they team as Proud & Powerful….

Santana and Ortiz
Members Angel Ortiz / Ortiz Mike Draztik / Santana Eddie Kingston

Is Eddie Kingston Hispanic?

Edward Moore (December 12, 1981) is an American professional wrestler of Puerto Rican and Irish descent who is better known by his ring name Eddie Kingston. He is currently signed to All Elite Wrestling (AEW).

Was Gino Hernandez shot?

Rumors about Gino Hernandez after his death began to swirl. It seemed like everybody had their theory on what had happened to Gino on that fateful February night in 1986. Bruce Prichard recalled that Andre The Giant told him that “he knew for sure that Gino was shot in the head.”

How old is Santana Ortiz?

Santana (born February 4, 1991) and Ortiz (born September 27, 1991) are an American professional wrestling tag team currently signed to All Elite Wrestling (AEW) where they team as Proud & Powerful….

Santana and Ortiz
Debut March 9, 2012
Years active 2012–present

Are Santana and Ortiz still in the inner circle?

The stable disbanded after Jericho and Hager turned on Santana and Ortiz….The Inner Circle (professional wrestling)

The Inner Circle
Debut October 9, 2019
Disbanded March 9, 2022
Years active 2019-2022

What happened to Chris Hernandez from TNA?

Hernandez returned to TNA on June 24, 2015, attacking The Rising and joining The Beat Down Clan. However, in July, following a legal dispute between TNA and Lucha Underground regarding Hernandez’s contract, he was released from the company, and the Beat Down Clan was pulled from television.

What happened to the TNA World Tag Team Championship between Guerrero and Hernandez?

Hernandez and Guerrero received their title shot on the April 11 episode of Impact Wrestling, where they defeated Aries and Roode in a Two-out-of-Three Falls match, with the added stipulation that they would have to break up if they lost, to regain the TNA World Tag Team Championship.

What happened to Hernan Hernandez and Anarquia?

After spending three months off television, Hernandez returned on the March 22, 2012, episode of Impact Wrestling, when he and Anarquia unsuccessfully challenged Magnus and Samoa Joe for the TNA World Tag Team Championship. In April, Anarquia was released from his TNA contract, thus ending his partnership with Hernandez.

Where can I find media related to Shawn Hernandez?

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Shawn Hernandez. Ultimate X Match: AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels vs. The Latin American Xchange ( Hernandez and Homicide) at No Surrender ( 2006)