What IB schools are in BC?

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  • Abbotsford Senior Secondary School.
  • Aspengrove School.

How much does IB cost per year?

This registration fee is refunded at the end of the IB program when the students complete their IB courses. The full IB Diploma Program costs $500 per year. For students taking individual courses the fee is $150 per course per year. These fees cover the exam costs.

Do Canadian public schools offer IB?

A total of 187 schools offer the IB Diploma, while 20 offer all three IB programmes, including Meadowridge School, The York School, Mulgrave and TFS – Canada’s International School.

How much does IB cost in Canada?

IB Diploma Registration Fees: Starting in the 2020-21 school year, there will be a registration fee of $3000 for the IB Diploma Program ($1500 for Grade 11 and $1500 for Grade 12).

How do I get into the IB program in BC?

To get a certificate, only one IB course and externally-assessed exam is required….International Baccalaureate

  1. Take each one of the six prescribed courses.
  2. Write an essay of up to 4000 words.
  3. Complete at least 50 hours in creative, action and service requirements.
  4. Complete the “Theory of Knowledge” philosophy requirement.

Is International Baccalaureate free?

The annual school fee is the only fee charged each year to IB World Schools. However, there are other fees and services available, such as consultation visits. The IB also conducts periodic evaluation visits, which have a fee attached.

Is IB worth it in Canada?

IB Diploma graduates receive excellent recognition from university admissions offices in Canada, the USA and abroad. The recognition in Canada includes early acceptance, advanced standing, and eligibility for special IB scholarships, as well as traditional university scholarships.

What are the best IB schools in Canada?

Top 10 IB Schools in Canada

  • brockville.
  • ottawa.
  • duncan.
  • rosseau.
  • lakefield.
  • port hope.
  • sherbrooke.
  • quebec.

How hard is the IB program?

Getting a 45 in the IB is an extremely difficult task. Not only does it require extreme effort but a lot of help along the way. That being said, there are a number of students who reach this unreachable goal every year. Last year that number was 275 students, or 0.41% of candidates.

What IB grades do I need to get into UBC?

University of British Columbia Vancouver in Canada requires students to maintain a minimum IB of 37 in order to stand a good chance to get admission into University of British Columbia Vancouver.